A new model for live event production

FOX Sports’ coverage of the 2018 FIFA World Cup, including all 64 matches in HD and Ultra-HD, delivered more video to US viewers than was broadcast in the four previous FIFA World Cups combined. And, for the first time ever, all edited content was produced remotely in a facility thousands of miles from the tournament. By using IBM Aspera® FASPStream™ technology, integrated into Telestream’s Lightspeed Live and Vantage products, FOX Sports was able to keep its entire post-production operation at its state-of-the-art facility in Los Angeles.

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Remote editing for game highlights

To avoid deploying people and equipment from Los Angeles to Russia, FOX Sports needed a groundbreaking way for their off-site crew to remotely edit high-quality live content in near-real time for immediate consumption by fans.

With IBM Aspera and Telestream, our coverage was enhanced by our ability to get more content back to our LA facility at a lower cost.

— Kevin Callahan, VP Field Operations Engineering, FOX Sports


Faster, less expensive content transfer

By making use of Aspera’s high-speed, IP-based transfer technology, the broadcaster transferred all captured content from the matches into a live-edit workflow over unmanaged internet rather than over expensive dedicated fiber or satellite connections. The FOX Sports teams in Los Angeles worked on all live-capture feeds from the Red Square studio set and 12 stadiums across Russia while the events took place. Workflows started immediately to significantly shorten the production cycle, enhance the viewer experience and dramatically reduce costs.


IBM Aspera FASPStream technology enabled FOX Sports to deliver concurrent high-resolution feeds from Russia to the US over inexpensive unmanaged internet connections for editing in near-real time at its Los Angeles production facility.


Telestream’s Lightspeed Live systems supported camera and other feeds, enabling all event-related content to be fully captured and made accessible within the FOX Sports content management system in the US.

Proof points:


The Aspera-Telestream solution has proven it can provide robust media-handling capabilities for fast and reliable remote live editing at significantly lower costs

> 2PB

The total amount in petabytes of HD and UHD content transferred over global IP networks from Russia to the US

< 10 sec

The time it took to start editing live footage from Russia in the Los Angeles production facility


The number of feature highlights and stories created to support live coverage across two FOX network channels