Inspire exceptional
digital experiences.

Leadership means being ready for what’s next. The fast pace of technology-driven innovation is raising the expectations of your customers and employees alike. It’s on you to stay ahead. Your technology – and your organization – need to deliver differentiated experiences and enable a truly digital workplace. Are you ready?

Become customer-obsessed

See how creating superior experiences for your customers can be a catalyst for greater customer loyalty.

Empower your workforce

Learn how delivering the right applications and services to employees where and when they need them can increase engagement, collaboration and productivity.

Surpass your customer’s

Experience design is an increasingly important competitive advantage in business and technology. Consumers expect products and services that are easy to use and work as promised. Align customer needs and business strategy with your digital experience to create memorable and long-term relationships.

74 %

of decision-makers view developing or evolving a customer experience strategy as a high priority.

“Designing A Customer-Obsessed Business,” Forrester Custom Technology Adoption Profile Commissioned By IBM, December 2016

Case study

TIG Sports built a mobile app for the KLM Open that used GPS tracking and live audio streaming for a more engaging fan experience.

Gartner Magic Quadrant for Global Digital Marketing Agencies

Customer engagement happens at the intersection of technology and design. Discover how IBM iX applies both to be a leader in the digital marketing agency landscape.

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Be fast and flexible at
delivering for your customer

Agile delivery can help your technology management teams work together to design and release apps with speed and quality. With the right APIs and external services for mobile, IoT and customer data, they can create a winning customer experience.

27 %

of companies have completely integrated their mobile apps with customer data, driving nearly 3x the level of customer interaction.

“Mobile Development Of The App+ Ecosystem," Forrester Consulting for IBM, January 2017

Case study

Bernhardt Furniture Co. used tablets, beacons, and microservices architecture to optimize their showroom configuration—and boost sales 20%.

The First 100 Days

Explore best practices and stories from CIOs during their first 100 days working to transform their customer experience.

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Enable better decision-making with
mobile apps

Together with advanced analytics and links to business processes, mobile apps can improve employee productivity, enhance customer satisfaction and streamline operations. Discover how coordinated app development and integration can provide the scale your business needs.

85 %

of global executives say they believe mobile serves as a catalyst to organization-wide innovation.

IBM’s Mobile and emerging technologies survey, March 2017

Mobile Apps in Action

See how iOS business apps powered by IBM and Apple combine data and analytics with elegant user design to help an airline's flight team improve customer satisfaction.

Forrester Total Economic impact of IBM Mobile at Scale

See how to capture a greater return on your mobile investments with the speed and scale your business needs.

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Improve enterprise

The fundamental elements of work – teaming, prioritizing, communicating – haven't changed, but the tools have. Make sure your people can succeed by making it easy to find and work with the right contacts, content and insights.

The modern collaboration suite

The new digital workplace runs on technology that enhances every interaction.

  • Email
  • Chat
  • Content management
  • Web meetings
  • Social networking and collaboration

Boost effectiveness

Mears Group adopted a more social way of working, using collaboration software and mobile field service apps. This led to 96% faster operational insights, improved employee effectiveness and increased retention.

IBM Connections Collaboration Platform

See how IBM Connections brings focused collaboration to teams of any size.

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Secure and support your
digital workplace

You need to deliver employee apps and services across multiple devices seamlessly. This requires effective technology today and access to an infrastructure that can expand as technology changes — without compromising security or availability.

Anytime, anywhere

A convergence of consumer and enterprise markets means all users expect an individualized, any-device experience at work. This requires a new IT model.

Mobile defense

According to Harvard Business Review, 45% of executives believe mobile devices are the greatest security risks in their company networks. Make device security easier with a cognitive unified endpoint management platform.

Gartner Magic Quadrant for Managed Mobility Services

Providing unique experiences in a digital workplace means delivering key capabilities on demand. See why Gartner named IBM a leader in Managed Mobility Services.

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Spark your
digital transformation.

With the right strategy and technology, your business will be ready to deliver phenomenal customer experiences and empower your digital workplace.

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