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Theresa Payton

Video and Q&A

Theresa Payton, former White House CIO, and CEO, Fortalice

Pioneering Leadership: Service. Lessons from a White House CIO and the need to innovate and enable the business.

Q&A with Theresa Payton: Today’s cyber threat landscape and best practices in security and IT operations.

Ritesh Sarda

Video and Q&A

Ritesh Sarda, CIO, Sun Life Financial Hong Kong

Pioneering Leadership: Change agent. Agile development and in-house skill development are at the heart of CIO success.

Q&A with Ritesh Sarda: Digital transformation in the financial services industry and how CIOs enable their business strategies.

Possibilities require purpose


Possibilities require purpose: The role of emerging technology in digital transformation

Adopting new technologies to drive business results requires the CIO’s strategic involvement from the very beginning, from choosing the technologies to ensuring they’re working effectively across the enterprise.

Renata Marques


Q&A with Renata Marques, CIO, Whirlpool Latin America

How emerging technologies like cloud are enabling innovation and how businesses execute their digital transformation journeys.

Workforce transformation and the CIO


Workforce transformation and the CIO: Integrating technology and business

Three ways to update IT skills for digital transformation.