Francesco Di Maggio



Francesco Di Maggio,

Developer, Mauden

Meet Francesco. He’s working behind-the-scenes at an IT infrastructure firm based in Italy. One of his favorite projects is with one of the country’s largest publishers and booksellers. Check out how he’s using IBM Watson APIs like Discovery and Language Translator to scan a customer’s publicly available social media activity and recommend books.

See how Francesco is using IBM Watson to scan social media profiles in order to personalize in-store shopping.

Ellie Lee



Ellie Lee

Developer, IBM

Meet Ellie. She’s hard at work, behind-the-scenes at IBM. Right now, she’s feeling really good about a project that can help simplify banking for people worried about theft. See how she’s using IBM Watson and Machine Learning to understand customers shopping patterns and create a tool designed to only fund their accounts in places they visit regularly.

Cesar Rosa



Cesar Rosa

Developer, Bradesco

Meet Cesar. He’s working behind the scenes at one of Brazil’s largest banks. He’s really proud of launching the bank’s first AI project in just four months. See how he worked with IBM to quickly build and deploy a chatbot using IBM Watson Assistant that understands 10,000 different customer questions in Portuguese and all its dialects.

See how Cesar is using IBM Watson to help build better customer relationships.

Bryan Knouse


Project OWL

Bryan Knouse

Developer, Project OWL

Meet Bryan. He’s part of the development team that won the Call for Code. He and his team found a new way to connect emergency responders with the victims of natural disasters, even when telecom systems are down. See how he’s using IBM Watson APIs and the IBM cloud to create an internet out of almost nothing.

See how Bryan is using IBM Watson to aid relief efforts during natural disasters.

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