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Movember marketing: How to capitalize on Cyber Monday and help a great cause

By , November 4, 2016

It’s almost that time of the year again, time to kick your holiday promotions into gear with Black Friday and every digital marketer’s favorite: Cyber Monday.


This year, Cyber Monday falls on November 28, which means you can help yourself get ready for the holiday season by making a ton of sales.


Cyber Monday in November also means that you can tap into the awesomeness that is Movember and double your success by supporting a great cause and making more sales in the process.


Movember is a great charity that is changing the face of men’s health by creating awareness of men’s cancer and other forms of preventable death.


Here are five fun ways to pull in plenty of profit this Cyber Monday while making the world a better place for Mo Bros and Mo Sistas alike.


1. Do a “Show Us Your Mo” Promo


This strategy is a gem because it gets people sharing pictures of their Mo to qualify for your promo.


Create a unique hashtag like #ShowUsYourMo and offer an exclusive bonus to anyone who uses the hashtag and mentions your brand in the social media posts they publish. For example, send a direct message with a link to a Cyber Monday bonus gift to everyone who participates.


To maximize conversions, make your main Cyber Monday offer available to all, and give a special free gift to those who participate in the Show Us Your Mo promo since they will help you generate a ton of fun and free traffic for your brand and your offer.


This promo will work well on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Depending on your brand audience and your customer support bandwidth, you may want to launch this promo on other social networks, too.


2. Do a Movember Photoshop Contest


Even though everyone can’t grow an epic Mo, everyone with a computer can use tools like Photoshop to add a fun one on and instantly become a Mo Sista or Mo Bro.


Personally, I find obviously Photoshopped pictures hilarious and by including Photoshopped Mos within a “Show Us Your Mo” style promo, you give all people a chance to participate, instead of only those with a genuine Mo.


The only barrier to entry here is Photoshop proficiency. If your brand is large enough, or even has a team member with Photoshop skills, you can turn this small setback into a strength by offering to Photoshop any photo with a Mo.


Naturally, if someone on your team is Photoshopping Mos for your prospects, you should watermark the images you create with your brand’s logo and social media user names.


3. Offer a Discount to Anyone Who Makes a Donation


This tip is straightforward: Offer a discount to everyone who makes a donation to Movember.


To get people motivated to donate more, you can offer bigger discounts and bonuses for bigger donations.


4. Be Stealthy with Your Email Subject Lines


As I’ve touched on already, many people who will see your promo will not have a Mo – the mustache challenged, if you will.


Despite the intrigue of Movember and all its glory, I recommend not emphasizing Movember in the subject line of any Cyber Monday promo emails you send.


Those without a Mo might delete a blatantly Movember email without ever knowing about the awesomeness that a Mo Photoshop contest can be.


With Cyber Monday, as with any promo email, your subject line should be designed to get the person who sees it to open it. After all, if your email is not opened, you will definitely not generate any sales or positive results from it.


Here are a few Cyber Monday email subject lines that might do the trick, feel free to swipe them for your own use:


  • Monday Funday
  • Not Your Ordinary Cyber Monday Email…
  • Limited Time Only
  • Don’t Shave Until You Read This Email


5. Don’t Beat Around the Bush


Perhaps the most important thing about crushing it with a Cyber Monday sale, or any sale for that matter, is to be bold and direct in asking for the sale.


If you fear asking someone to buy from you, they will move on.


When you get a ton of attention from your Movember promo, make sure that you don’t waste it. Make sure the sales page you are sending traffic to is well-crafted and says directly: “Here’s what to do now: Click the add to cart button below and take advantage of this awesome Cyber Monday offer.”



Don’t be shy about getting the Movember Foundation in on the fun.


Last year when I was doing a promotion with Visa for their new online solution Visa Checkout, I mentioned @Movember several times on Twitter and got multiple retweets and likes from them for doing so, even though I don’t even have a Mo (I do have a full beard though so that must count).


Definitely participate in your own promo and leverage your power base to get your close friends and family to do the same.


Garin is a Web Developer, Marketing Strategist, Growth Hacker, Bodybuilder, and Entrepreneur from Toronto who loves the hustle. You can find him @Garin on Twitter and Instagram. Garin is a paid contributor to THINK Marketing.

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