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Meeting customer demand with personalization throughout the holidays: Satisfi podcast

By , November 2, 2016
The holiday season is rapidly approaching. While the holidays are a very exciting and rewarding time of the year, they can also be very stressful and challenging as retailers face increasing pressure to meet customer demand and create lasting, meaningful experiences that will delight for years to come.
In this podcast, we are speaking with Don White, CEO at Satisfi Labs. Don articulates one of the unique challenges this season presents the retail industry: the challenge of personalization – and going further, personalization for someone else.
By its very nature, gift purchasing assistance requires a set of analytics and personalization that extends beyond the personal shopping history of the consumer. To meet these needs, the consumer requires a flexible and conversational application that can objectively help identify the perfect gift for someone else.
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Satisfi is an intelligent engagement platform that combines the speed and accuracy of automation and the personality of a live person. Satisfi’s unique location-based, mobile solution enhances the on-site and online experience by introducing features like AI and bot technology to capitalize on previously unknown information and insights. They are an IBM-Certified Business Partner that augments their platform with Watson and Bluemix services.

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