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7 strategies for crushing it with your Black Friday digital marketing campaign

By , November 14, 2016

Black Friday is for many businesses the busiest and best sales day of the year.

Black Friday falls the Friday after Thanksgiving in the US, which means this year Black Friday will be on November 25 – exactly one month before Christmas.

Although the words Black Friday might conjure up dark memories of stampedes at Best Buy, don’t lose out on sales by thinking that Black Friday is for brick-and-mortar businesses only.

Many people want to avoid the chaos that comes from a store with a ton of crazy buyers and still want to capitalize on great deals, which is why for the past few years my Black Friday promotions have made me massive amounts of sales and often outperform even my Cyber Monday deals.

Here are seven strategies that you can use to crush it this year, too, with your Black Friday promotion.

1. Pre-Sell Your Promotion

The more you tell, the more you sell.

In the weeks leading up to your Black Friday promotion, let your prospects know that you are going to be making an amazing offer on November 25, so that when Black Friday rolls around, they will be primed and ready.

2. Use Countdown Timers to Emphasize Scarcity

Part of the reason why Black Friday is such a successful sales day every year is because it is a limited-time event.

Emphasize the inherent scarcity of the sale by counting down to Black Friday in the days leading up, then count down the hours left that your Black Friday offer will be available for on the day of.

Motion Mail App is a free tool you can use to add a countdown timer to your emails and if you want a free countdown timer for your WordPress blog the plugin Uji Countdown works well.

3. Commission Black Friday Promotional Graphics

Quality graphics work great to help generate clicks and drive traffic to your Black Friday offers.

When you post a graphic on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc, it takes up much more space in the news feeds of the people who see it and this will help your offers create more interest and traffic.

Use graphics on your site, your social media, your ads, and in your email marketing.

For best results, use the same style for all graphics in your ads and on your sales page so your promotional graphics stay consistent.

4. Send Multiple Emails on Black Friday

Many marketers miss out on massive opportunities by emailing less than they could.

The more you email, the more familiar people will be with you, the more they will open your emails, and the more they will act on your offers.

If you do not already send marketing emails daily, you can increase your sales by emailing relevant offers to your list more often.

Emailing your list every day is one of the most powerful ways to increase your income from your digital marketing efforts.

Typically, I recommend aiming for one email a day, but Black Friday is no ordinary day.

On Black Friday, three emails is a good amount to aim for, and be prepared to send even more if you are getting a great response and selling plenty with each email you send.

5. Capture Leads with Your Prelaunch Promotions

Black Friday is one day when you can play by a different set of rules.

Play on the energy of the biggest sales day of the year when people want to buy more than ever.

Remind your audience that Black Friday is exactly one month away from Christmas and that it is a once-a-year promo that they will miss out on if they don’t take action.

In your pre-launch content, send your prospects to a landing page where they can opt in to be notified about your exclusive Black Friday specials.

To maximize the effectiveness of your campaign, get your prospects’ full name and give them the option to enter their cell phone to receive an SMS text reminder of your campaign.

Call Loop is a powerful option with a free trial for building your list using SMS keywords and then sending a mass text to everyone who opted in. This feature can be used to drive traffic to your sales page and create results for your Black Friday promo. Plus Call Loop integrates with powerful email marketing tools like HubSpot and AWeber.

6. Prewrite and Prepare Your Promotional Content

The more Black Friday promotion content you can prepare in advance, the better.

Prewrite at least three Black Friday promo emails and plenty of social media content, as well. Schedule your emails to send on Black Friday and do the same for your social media posts.

Do so much preparation that no matter what your promotion, it will go off without a hitch.

7. Promote a Scalable Product

On Black Friday, the trend is to deeply discount whatever you are offering. My recommendation is to stick to promoting digital products and do not discount your time.

If you have never absolutely crushed a Black Friday promotion before you might underestimate the amount of sales you can make in a day.

Don’t drag your Black Friday promotion on for a week. Do it right on the right day and plenty of sales will flow your way.


Remember to test your sales process before Black Friday and make sure that your order delivery system is smooth and without delays. Good luck!


Garin is a Web Developer, Marketing Strategist, Growth Hacker, Bodybuilder, and Entrepreneur from Toronto who loves the hustle. You can find him @Garin on Twitter and Instagram. Garin is a paid contributor to THINK Marketing.

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