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5 compelling reasons to attend Amplify 2017

By , February 10, 2017

Amplify 2017, IBM’s annual client conference focusing on customer engagement and cognitive, is taking place from March 20th to 22nd in Las Vegas. As always, it’s poised to be a huge event, with more than 4,400 people from around the world participating, including more than 2,100 industry leaders, 1,400 clients and 900 Business Partners.

If you’ve attended a conference, which I’m sure you have, you know it takes more than big numbers to create a worthwhile event. Often, it’s the fascinating speakers, intimate conversations and tactile experiences that you remember and that create a memorable event.

Drawing inspiration from my favorite business speakers and authors, here are five compelling reasons to attend Amplify 2017:

1) “If you want to be a lifelong employee today, you have to be a lifelong learner.” – Thomas Friedman

Last fall, Friedman spoke at IBM’s World of Watson conference in conjunction with the release of his latest book, Thank You for Not Being Late. It was a fascinating session about the way technology has revolutionized our lives in the last decade, and one point Friedman made was that the speed at which the world is changing today necessitates ongoing education.

At Amplify 2017, you can learn how cognitive technologies illuminate new data insights, deepen customer connections and fuel strategic growth. Spending some time understanding the exciting insights into emotion, attitude and tone that cognitive can provide is one of the best investments in learning you’ll make in 2017.

2) “99 percent of people do not market in the year that we actually live in.” – Gary Vaynerchuk

If you’ve seen Gary V. speak, you know his passion and authenticity make a strong impression. One of his many excellent points is that so many companies are marketing like it’s two, five or even 10 years ago. While the reasons for this vary, lacking the skills and knowledge to update your marketing efforts can hamper your success.

Amplify 2017 provides ample opportunities to increase your expertise, with 250-plus sessions and keynotes presented by leading experts, IBM clients and Business Partners.  Stay on top of what’s coming, see Watson in action and get ideas for how you can implement those awesome marketing ideas you’ve been thinking about.

3) “You don’t have to know everything as long as you know people you know the things you don’t.” – Harvey Mackay

I met best-selling business author Harvey Mackay years ago while working on the set of his son’s movie, the indie thriller The Lesser Evil. He generously offered me a copy of his networking book Dig Your Well Before It’s Thirsty, and even though it was written a decade before smartphones and Facebook, most of its core tenets about creating and nurturing a network of contacts still apply.

If you’re looking for an opportunity to extend your social network, Amplify’s Cognitive Concourse, receptions and other luncheons will provide plenty of chances to meet and mingle with industry experts, peers and IBM executives. To make the most of your time, talk with peers inside and outside your industry and attend sessions that will build your knowledge base as well as your networking pool.

4) “Marketing is a contest for people’s attention.” – Seth Godin

During a recent Watson Marketing webinar about the new Econsultancy study “The New Marketing Reality,” IBM evangelist Jeremy Waite introduced me to this quote from Godin. Maybe it was just Jeremy’s British accent as he described how to better cut through the messaging clutter, but despite the simplicity of Godin’s words, it seems like a smart way to sum up what marketing is all about.

So how you gonna win that contest? Well, to help build your competitive advantage, Amplify 2017 offers a window into IBM’s latest innovations and cutting-edge solutions and how they can aid your approach in the cognitive era. In a marketing world gone “dark,” we need all the tools we can get.

 5) “Knowing we don’t know everything, what’s the best way to learn more? The answer is ironically obvious: look outside.” – Simon Sinek

You may know Sinek from his “How great leaders inspire action” TED Talk. His daily “notes to inspire” emails are full of interesting takeaways such as the above. Sinek’s point: to innovate, you’ve got to step away from your desk and see, read or listen to something unfamiliar.

Amplify 2017 will be chock-full of hands-on labs and technical deep dives that will provide inspiration to get outside your comfort zone, hear new perspectives, test-drive new cognitive technologies, and hopefully gain ideas on solving your marketing challenges differently.

For more information on this year’s conference, please visit the IBM Amplify 2017 website.

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