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3 online courses to broaden your marketing expertise

By , March 3, 2017

Every 60 seconds Facebook users send 31.3 million messages and watch 2.8 million videos. Twitter users send around 350,000 Tweets. Instagram users post almost 50,000 photos. Three hundred hours of video are uploaded to YouTube.

In just one minute, all this social media data is generated, enabling marketers to gain insights from these customer behaviors. Yet marketers struggle to truly engage and convert an increasingly fragmented online audience.

With new advances in technology that allow for more and more of this type of data to be generated, marketers need a way to learn the new concepts that seem to be emerging every day. That’s why we created the Learning Lab, providing interactive courses and real-world use cases for marketers to elevate their skillset through digital learning. With a focus on emerging tech, we’ve aggregated a curated suite of courses for anyone to take if they are looking to improve their skills and broaden their marketing expertise.

Listed below, we highlight three courses that will improve your data, social and all-around digital marketing skills and enable you to reach new heights in your career.

1)Introduction to Big Data from Big Data University

Time of course: 3 hours

Ninety percent of the world’s data was generated during the last two years. A lot of that data comes from marketing activities such as the millions of social media posts that are published every day. It’s important to know how to utilize all that data to help make more informed and more efficient decisions.

Data also provides a great opportunity to get to know your customers’ likes better. Take the “Introduction to Big Data” course to learn the fundamentals of Big Data and the actions you can take to gain insights from the data that’s generated every day.

2)Inbound Marketing Certification from Hubspot Academy

Time of course: 5 hours

There are entire blog posts and websites dedicated to tips and tricks for staying up to date with digital marketing practices. The “Inbound Marketing Certification” course is a good way to learn about new concepts across the digital marketing landscape. This course covers everything from optimizing your webpages for Search Engine Optimization to social media best practices to finally reporting on the success of your marketing activities.

The course will also help you keep up with ever-changing technology and trends, whether you’re an entrepreneur looking to drive more visitors to your site or a marketer wanting to learn a cohesive digital marketing strategy. After all, capturing that initial interest is key in attracting the desired white-space consumer.

3)Social Media Strategy (From A to Z) from Hootsuite Academy

Time of course: 5 hours

Given its relative infancy in the market, social media is a technology and communication channel that has grown exponentially during the last decade. With that growth, companies and users constantly vie for attention from the billions of users that post and browse the platforms every day. So how do you stand out and use social media as an engine to grow your business?

This course will teach you how to create a thorough social media strategy based on the goals you want to reach. More importantly, it will also show you how to execute on that strategy to break through the clutter and make an impact via social.  Finally, you’ll learn how to evaluate your success to ensure you’re driving the right results with social media and make any necessary modifications.

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