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10 tremendous ways to acquire more customers with your content marketing

By , December 6, 2016

Content marketing takes many forms. From blog posts like this one, to tweets, LinkedIn posts, podcasts, and live video, content marketing manifests itself through all mediums of media online.

Whatever medium you choose, seek to help others with what you create and you’ll never lose.

If you want to produce customers with your marketing, trust is a must. Try to convert a new customer before trust is earned and you’ll get burned.

Lead with plenty of value and the people you help will want to work with you.

Here are 10 ways to enhance your content marketing so you can enjoy the benefits that helping people brings.

1. Use Video Often in Your Marketing

If anyone has their finger on the pulse of the web it’s Mark Zuckerberg. Zuck was recently quoted saying, “We move towards a world where video is at the heart of all our services.”

We only need to look as far as the recent changes on Facebook and Instagram to see the truth in that.  Facebook Live is blowing up, videos auto play in the Facebook news feed and Instagram videos are no longer inhibited by a 15 second limit.

Every content marketing strategy that does not include video and YouTube, is missing a out on an awesome opportunity to create new followers and customers.

YouTube is a very powerful way to generate traffic and convert new leads.

Forrester research has made the claim in the past that a YouTube video is the easiest way to get a first page ranking in Google.

The Google algorithm has certainly changed since that Forrester report. However, YouTube now has significantly more traffic and is more relevant than ever.

2. Deliver Value With Everything You Do

During a recent IBM tweet chat hosted by Jay Baer one of the questions was, “When is the right time to gate content and require information to access?”

My response was, “The best time to gate content is after you’ve proven that your content is worth more than the cost of unlocking the gate.”

The reality is that unless people trust what you have to say they won’t pay to play.

The good news is that when your content proves that you know what you’re talking about you remove plenty of doubt and more people will be willing to pay to find out what your premium content is about.

3. Foster a Loyal Fan Base

Be consistent with the content you produce, and with your communication.

At a minimum an optimized content strategy should include daily tweets, weekly email broadcasts, and content as often as you can manage.

The best content producers, who have the largest and most loyal fan bases, put out new content every single day.

Don’t be afraid of over putting people off with what you post. Posting often will do far more good than harm and sharing your content with others creates the pressure that leads to the content you produce getting better.

The more people you can get to see and share the content you created, the better and more confident you’ll become at what you do.

The most successful YouTube vloggers know the importance of consistency and they act accordingly: they upload content every day.

Roman Atwood, Casey Neistat, and the majority of others on top of the YouTube world develop their tremendous success and massive fan bases with daily uploads.

4. Automate to Guarantee Consistency

Using automation guarantees that no matter what you’ll still have daily opportunities to create new customer relations.

My recommendation is to use social media automation tools like Hootsuite and Buffer to help you get out content ahead of time.

For Twitter, the tool Tweet Jukebox is a powerful free way to share evergreen text tweets every day.

Email automation is a must for following up with new leads so you can create the trust you need to convert new customers.  Email marketing is the largest cost in my online business and it is well worth it since it also converts the majority of my sales, even though my social networks are far larger and more active than most.

5. Producing Evergreen Content Is Time Well Spent

Evergreen content is content that stands the test of time.

Content that you can use for years will do far more for you than content that is only relevant for a month or two.

When tackling a topic that can last don’t worry about getting it done fast. Quick blog posts rarely rise in the ranks of Google to the #1 place for a competitive phrase.

Updating quality evergreen content is one of the best ways your content marketing time can be spent. When your content improves Google will reward you with more traffic, and people will reward you with more shares.

Make sure you update your blog post date stamps when you refresh your evergreen posts. Often small improvements, a new image or two, and a date update can lead to large search engine ranking improvements and plenty of new traffic from Google for you.

6. Strive to Create World Class Content

Only content that makes an effort to be the best will rise above the rest in Google.

When your content is awesome people will link to it and share it with their friends.

If you settle for producing average content, it won’t be long until your audience has had enough.

7. Collaborate With Other Creators

Other people with large audiences can help bring many new customers to you.

If you want someone with a large audience to help you start by offering to help them.

Help an influencer with the things they want to do and they will be considerably more likely to help you too.

8. Personality in Your Marketing is Key

Your unique personality is a powerful way to create demand, so don’t hide behind a logo or a brand.

When your name is attached to the content you create that’s something your competitors simply cannot duplicate. 

9. Create Compelling Lead Magnets

A lead magnet is a fantastic piece of content that you could sell, but give away instead for free.

High quality lead magnets can definitely take your content marketing to the next level.

Don’t hold back with your lead magnets, share more for free than others are charging for.

Give your lead magnets the best chance for success by split testing your landing page and having sharing buttons that pre-populate on your lead magnet access page.

Give awesome content away for free and your prospects start to wonder “If he gives all this away for free I wonder what his paid content can do for me?”

10. Publish an Email Newsletter

Nothing has done more to help me convert new customers with content marketing than sending out my email newsletter regularly.

Knowing my emails will reach thousands of people puts the pressure on to deliver value so my audience wants to read what I write and click on the links I recommend.

Even though my newsletter goes out to many people I still write it as if it is being delivered to just one person.  I never start a newsletter with “hey guys,”whenever possible I segment and personalize.

For example, when I send content about Gmail tips, I create a segment of my list containing only people with Gmail emails and I send the email only to them.  Then I’ll include in the email something like “I see that you use Gmail too and that’s why I’m sending this email to you.”

Few things build rapport more than relevant and valuable communication, but few things damage rapport more than irrelevant and impersonal content.

Send your newsletter often. If you send a newsletter once a month you will lose ground to a competitor who emails weekly.  And the person who emails weekly will lose the email marketing game every time to a winning company like Groupon who realizes the power of emailing daily.


Content marketing is most powerful when it is delivered often. Do your best to make your content consistently awesome, and your content marketing success will blossom.


Garin is a Web Developer, Marketing Strategist, Growth Hacker, Bodybuilder, and Entrepreneur from Toronto who loves the hustle. You can find him @Garin on Twitter and Instagram. Garin is a paid contributor to THINK Marketing.

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