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1-800-Flowers.com innovates with the help of Watson

By , October 26, 2016

1-800-Flowers.com delivers more than 25 million gifts per year, with 50% of its revenue coming in the fourth quarter. It continues to lead in the mobile retail space by providing customers a “one-stop” online shopping experience across nine brands by providing a gifting concierge that guides shoppers through the online experience and ensuring items ordered are in stock and delivered on time for that special occasion.

They continue to digitally transform to create delightful moments by ensuring a superb, seamless experience from site visit to order to delivery for all global customers and makes it easy to transact across all 1-800-Flowers.com’s brands – from Harry & David, to Wolferman’s, to Fannie May – providing customers a unified omni-channel experience across the web, mobile or call center channels. 

1-800-Flowers.com prides itself on consistently being an innovator in its space, from the range of gift options to the way they are presented and delivered. Shoppers continue to expect more from every experience. They respond by providing a differentiated experience. GWYN, an acronym for Gifts When You Need, intuitively guides shoppers throughout their experience and helps them purchase the perfect gift for their occasion. If a customer informs GWYN that she is looking for a gift for her mother, for instance, the AI-powered platform will interpret the inquiry and follow up with a series of qualifying questions – such as type of occasion and sentiment – to ensure the right product suggestion is given. This allows GWYN to tailor responses to each customer, consequently mimicking the in-store shopping experience by offering personalized feedback and help to each individual. As consumers continue using GWYN, she will learn more about their needs, thanks to her underlying cognitive capabilities, enabling her to refine the shopping experience over time. This will make each interaction with the company more personalized and relevant, building loyalty with customers and ensuring they leave with a smile. 

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