Fraud prevention solutions
Protect your users, assets and data by managing and preventing fraud before it occurs
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Why fraud prevention matters for enterprise

The new business landscape presents new challenges: How do you achieve digital growth while meeting customers' expectations? And how vulnerable is your company to fraud as it grows digitally?

Ever-increasing in sophistication, fraud and cyber attacks are taking advantage of enterprise vulnerabilities, causing lots of damage to businesses like yours. On average, cybercriminals steal 33 billion personal data records and cause USD 6 trillion in damages annually. And, yes, you might have some tools and apps to help, but existing tools are complex, customized and don't integrate well with one another. Some organizations can use up to 85 tools from up to 40 vendors, increasing your IT stack's complexity and giving you too much data to handle.

How do you cope with this complexity and too much data? IBM Security™ fraud prevention solutions. IBM Security helps simplify your fraud prevention efforts and establish digital identity trust that provides frictionless, continuous authentication throughout the user journey, creating a positive user experience.


How fraud prevention benefits your company Rethink how you prevent fraud, provide a seamless user experience and prove continuous compliance. Maintain omni-channel security

With a zero trust model, you'll know the right users will have the right access to the right data under the right conditions.

Reduce risk

Get and stay ahead of evolving regulatory mandates and company audits.

Provide a seamless user experience

Easily integrate secure and seamless user experiences while giving end-users more control and enabling business growth.

Case studies

See how IBM Security is different Dive deeper and learn why IBM Security is a leader in fraud prevention, how digital identity trust works and what a passwordless experience looks like. IBM a fraud reduction intelligence platform leader

See why KuppingerCole rates IBM as an industry leader in this report, an overview of the market for fraud reduction intelligence platforms.

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How digital identity trust works

Learn how the Trusteer Pinpoint™ platform conducts multi-layered assessments to authenticate users and detect fraud seamlessly.

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Simplifying secure identities for 27 million users

IBM Security Verify enabled IBM to future-proof digital authentication, providing our customers with extensible features for enhanced security with flexible MFA methods, and enhanced management of passwords, user ID lifecycle, and apps.

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Prevent fraud with IBM Security
Whether with a security expert to guide you or through exploring for yourself, you can find the right solution for your fraud prevention needs here. Explore fraud prevention solutions Download the digital identity trust ebook