What z/VSE can do for your business

IBM® Virtual Storage Extended (z/VSE®) is an operating system for IBM Z® platform used for traditional batch and online transaction processing applications. It features online transaction processing, security and connectivity that easily integrates into a heterogeneous environment using web-based business solutions.

It can be used alone, or in a heterogenous environment. Flexible integration is possible because it uses open and industry standards.

z/VSE enables clients to extend existing solutions with connectors to access applications on Linux on IBM Z, or any other platform and to access z/VSE resources from other platforms.


Protect core z/VSE customer investments

Enhancements are designed to minimize disruption.
Timely hardware support helps you grow and take advantage of innovative IBM technology.

Enable integration

Designed to allow hybrid solutions to take advantage of z/VSE business data and business logic. New business solutions can be low cost, low risk with faster time-to-market.

Extend growth opportunities

Enables the growth of cost-effective core applications by supporting selected IBM Z features and IBM Storage products and features.

Five reasons to get excited about z/VSE Version 6.2

  • Take advantage of all the new features
  • Incorporate more IBM Z innovative technology
  • Get additional security
  • Gain greater connector enhancements
  • Improve functionality for SCSI-only systems