IBM Watson Advertising Weather Targeting
Use weather and AI to anticipate consumer behavior, drive action, and deliver ads when and where it matters most.
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The power of weather-triggered advertising

IBM Watson® Advertising Weather Targeting is designed to recognize the relationships between weather, location and complex data sets such as health conditions, product sales and consumer activity. This analysis is used to create targeted campaigns without relying on third-party cookie data, helping you reach users with relevant messages while protecting your brand reputation and your consumers’ personal information.

Benefits Deliver on campaign goals and objectives

Provide relevant weather ads to consumers based on the projected impact of upcoming weather conditions in a defined area.

Enhance message relevance and resonance

Ensure your message resonates by triggering weather advertising and marketing only when optimal conditions are present.

Improve brand perception

Deliver weather-triggered campaigns with no third-party cookies, identifiers, or other personally identifiable information.

Features Weather-triggered advertising and AI

Deliver targeted messaging when and where it matters most, with IBM’s knowledge in modeling and training AI algorithms to deliver effective campaigns.

Advertise with maximum efficiency and effectiveness

Trigger messaging only when and where specified weather conditions are present, to reach the right audience with minimal waste.

Weather-triggered ads across the digital ecosystem

Access more than 500 triggers that can be activated across 42,000 ZIP codes to reach your consumers through the contextual lens of weather.

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