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Ensure the safety and productivity of your people and spaces

The way we work has changed. What hasn’t changed is the need for companies to protect the health, safety and productivity of their people. That leaves employers everywhere asking: How do we reopen safely and smartly, and in a way that lets us adapt to changing circumstances?

IBM TRIRIGA can help you make smart and safe return-to-the-workplace plans, deliver flexible workspace options, and ensure your facilities are ready.

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IBM TRIRIGA, part of Watson Works

IBM TRIRIGA is part of Watson Works, a set of applications to help you ensure the health, safety and productivity of your people and spaces in a changing workplace. Available now, Watson Works solutions use data, AI and blockchain technology to help employers make decisions in three critical areas:

  • Workplace re-entry and facilities management
  • Worker and workplace safety
  • Contact tracing and care management

With Watson Works, you can monitor and manage risk levels, adhere to evolving guidelines and policies, and help your organization navigate through disruptions with confidence.

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