IBM named a leader in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Intelligent BPM Suites, 2019

IBM named a leader in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Intelligent BPM Suites, 2019 Get the report

Features that help you thrive

Enable business users to manage workflows

Empower your business users with the ability to directly participate in workflow improvement. IBM Business Automation Workflow features a design environment that provides business users with the right information at the right time, so they can easily monitor, manage and optimize workflows.

Better manage governance and compliance requirements

Improve your ability to meet and manage information lifecycle governance requirements such as customer data protection and data retention regulations. Business Automation Workflow helps you monitor processes, track process participation and facilitate compliance audits.

Implement changes quickly for greater agility

Quickly assemble and deliver dynamic content-centric applications. Repurpose existing elements to deploy customized solutions for multiple business groups. Use reusable templates to simplify the management and auditing compliance of your solutions and to maintain consistency across business groups.

Deliver better speed and scalability

Make the most of a highly available production solution that utilizes virtual machine and container technologies and provides disaster recovery options. Access an infrastructure provisioned with one or more environments for development and testing.

Gain visibility across workflows

Get insight and visibility so you can engage process participants, scale to support enterprise transformation, easily prioritize work and improve productivity. Use built-in monitoring and analytics to optimize business processes through simulations and comparisons that can be measured against historical benchmarks.

Access from the public cloud

Connect to the cloud service from the public cloud or mobile devices through the cloud portal, or use a separately available virtual private network (VPN) to connect.

Increase efficiency and consistency

Improve efficiency, productivity and consistency by the reuse of process components across multiple workflows and business groups.

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Tools that complement and enhance IBM Business Automation Workflow

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IBM Cloud Pak® for Business Automation

An integrated platform that helps business users automate all aspects of business operations at speed and scale, while providing real-time insight into the business.

People viewing RPA tool on screen

IBM Robotic Process Automation

Powerful automation capabilities to make your RPA bots smarter, more agile and better able to help you achieve your business objectives.

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IBM Operational Decision Manager

A comprehensive decision automation platform that helps you discover, capture, analyze, automate and govern rules-based business decisions.