Optimize the value of service delivery with IBM

Enterprises today are consuming a growing variety of IT services from multiple service providers. A seamlessly integrated supplier ecosystem can help align IT to business outcomes, provide greater accountability of end-to-end services, reduce governance costs and enable standardization in how enterprise IT organizations effectively manage a services ecosystem. IBM Service Integration and Management provides a standard way to design, build and run a services ecosystem. The service framework establishes a single source of truth, with comparable metrics, toolsets and technology platforms across multiple service providers.

Accelerate innovation and time to market

Improve operation stability by managing problems end to end through an incident, problem, change and configuration process across service providers.

Informed decision-making

A single-pane-of-glass view helps facilitate clients with control and provides visibility into its multi-vendor environment though a multi-provider service catalogue and request fulfillment.

Nimble approach to multi-sourcing

Enable modular, straightforward integration into existing systems with minimal disruption. Build an environment that isn’t tool- or vendor-specific, so clients can appoint the vendors of their choice.

IBM Service Integration and Management key features

  • Consumption-based model pricing
  • Service catalogue
  • Tower-specific operational management
  • Cohesive vendor service ecosystem
  • Standard framework of collaboration and information exchange
  • End-to-end problem management