Industry leading reliability and performance

IBM® Power System S914, the entry offering into the POWER9 family of servers, easily integrates into your organization’s cloud & cognitive strategy and delivers superior price performance for your mission critical workloads. Based on POWER9™ technology, S914 is built with innovations that deliver unprecedented security and reliability for the data intense workloads of today’s enterprises. Designed for security, reliability and performance to face current and future business needs, S914 is designed to run commercial, cognitive and database workload better than any other competitive Server Platform.
IBM Power System S914

Gain insights faster

Take advantage of smart acceleration powered by Coherent Accelerator Processor Interface (CAPI) technologies.

Get superior price/performance

Optimize social and mobile applications with room to scale in AIX, IBM i and Linux. Innovations in the memory subsystem and Industry Standard Memory DIMMs help maximize price/performance.

Connect to cognitive capabilities

Extend IBM i, a truly integrated operating system, and connect to the cognitive capabilities of the IBM Cloud using secure APIs.

Deploy, optimize, recover workloads fast

A virtualization-oriented performance monitor and performance statistics help you understand workload characteristics and prepare for capacity planning.

Migrate quickly and simply

Live partition mobility capabilities and a temporary IBM PowerVM® license for your existing server help make it easy to migrate from previous Power Systems to POWER9.

Stay available and secure

Increase availability with integrated workload mobility, rapid capacity expansion and disaster recovery capabilities. Stay online 24/7 with RAS and high availability features.

IBM Power System S914 features

  • Powerful 1-socket server with up to eight active cores
  • Storage backplane options
  • Optional and integrated features
  • PowerVM
  • Mobile application platform
  • Memory subsystem RAS
  • Processor availability functions
  • Cache availability
  • Live partition mobility
  • Service processor