Feature spotlights

Simplicity and ease of management

IBM® Operational Decision Manager is a powerful user interface that enables you to develop and test quickly and easily. You can manage your updates in a secured, controlled and traceable built-in process. Update your rules and predict their impact on KPIs before going in production using three environments to develop, test and deploy your decisions in production.

Role-based permission management

In addition to running tens of thousands of rules across many applications, IBM Operational Decision Manager enables you to participate in authoring, deploying and managing the rules. This can add agility to your business to help you capture new opportunities.

Intuitive way to capture and express decision logic

You can focus on creating content while IBM manages the IT operations of the system for you. The service allows you to invite new participants and assign roles from a simple point-and-click interface.

Built-in governance process

IBM Operational Decision Manager provides governance and change management around your ability to create and scale business decisions.

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