Feature spotlights

Risk metrics

Enables you to track risk metrics and thresholds, with automated notification when thresholds are breached. Supports proactive management of key risks to improve corporate performance.

Document management

Provides document check-in and check-out, version control and audit trail capabilities. Enables unlimited levels of entities, processes, risks and control hierarchies to match the structure of your organization. Also eliminates redundancies through shared documents, processes, risks and controls.

Reporting and analysis

Provides browser-based, drag-and-drop report design capabilities. Delivers reporting on the current state of operational risk across the organization, and lets you drill through reports for root cause analysis.

Loss event monitoring

Offers statistical and trend analysis capabilities to enable tracking of remedies and action plans. Improves risk measurement and helps minimize losses.

Scenario modeling

Provides input for capital modeling, and enables business lines to assess high-impact risk areas and emerging risks.