Feature spotlights

Global Network Peering Platform (GNPP)

IBM’s GNPP provides automated aggregation, load sharing, & integration across multiple providers in a hybrid cloud environment. Carrier neutral collocation interconnects multiple carrier networks, cloud providers & internet connections across geographies. The platform links multiple providers' MPLS networks & internet VPNs to enable a seamless WAN infrastructure. The GNPP platform builds the foundation for IBM to launch multiple products & service models with simultaneous go-to-market options.

Global visibility

Offers a single pane of glass for all event correlation, applications, devices and locations. Reduces time to market for new services. Configures new services through a browser-based control panel.

Dynamic application routing

Enables application delivery from Cloud/SaaS/DC in a consistent manner.

Network function virtualization

Deploys network functions without specialized appliances. Reduces truck rolls and maintenance cost. Deploys network services based on moment-to-moment needs. Moves away from vendor lock-in to allow unprecedented choice in the cloud.

Any-to-any VPN

Benefit from scalable, manageable, any-to-any connectivity between sites over encrypted communications links.

SD-WAN managed services

Roll out new sites or add more WAN capacity quickly by leveraging broadband internet bandwidth to augment the MPLS network instead of trying to orchestrate IT, network and software changes to purchase more MPLS capacity.

WAN optimization

Accelerate application and data traffic to ensure peak performance of applications and improve the user experience across any network.

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