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Minimize risk and stay compliant with safety policies

IBM Maximo Worker Insights encourages a work environment that helps identify and eliminate hazards in the workplace. The solution can monitor and make sure that employees are using the right safety equipment, harnesses when appropriate and ear protection when in noisy areas. Additionally, by knowing each employee by name and the context of their work, practices and behaviors, you can improve employee-to-employer trust and consideration for safety and increase the likelihood of insurability.

Gather data from wearable wireless devices

Prevent accidents using data gathered in real time from wearable wireless sensors. These sensors can help prevent accidents by monitoring employee fatigue levels and suggesting rest periods. They also send alerts when an employee is in close proximity to moving equipment, alerting the employee and manager using audio and vibration notifications. In addition, IBM Maximo Worker Insights generates heat maps that show busy and high-risk areas so managers can evaluate traffic flows.

Protect workers in extreme conditions

Protect employees working in extreme environments including high heat, toxic gas, open flames and near heavy machinery. Using wearable devices, IBM Maximo Worker Insights helps gather, integrate and analyze employee data with external sources such as the environment and weather to help manage the health, wellness and safety of employees. In the event of an emergency, the solution helps expedite an emergency response by notifying a manager or safety officer about the problem.

Benefit from the cognitive capabilities of Watson IoT

IBM Maximo Worker Insights is part of the IBM Watson® IoT platform. Using IBM IoT solutions, you benefit from natural language processing, machine learning, and image and text analytics that enrich IBM Maximo Worker Insights applications, allowing you to manage end-to-end employee safety. This platform offers built-in security and cognitive and industry expertise to understand the unique needs of your organization.

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