What does IBM IoT Safer Workplace do?

IBM® IoT Safer Workplace puts compliance at the center of safety, making it easier to identify and eliminate hazards in the workplace. It uses IBM Internet of Things (IoT) technology and advanced analytics to enhance the human experience, allowing workers to automate and improve efforts to “Think, Inform and Act” in the workplace. IBM infuses cognitive computing into worker safety initiatives to enable greater use of digital data and drive toward more proactive and personalized safety programs. These initiatives help people apply real-time insights by putting time and place into context and understanding the characterizations between workers.

Improve workplace safety

Get alerts in real-time that can prevent injury or expedite the emergency response; IoT technology can record and anticipate what has happened and what may happen next.

Connect to a wide ecosystem of sensors

Use prebuilt analytic models to get more insights and ingest data faster. For example, know the factors that could lead to a slip, trip or fall.

Invest in workers by investing in safety

Incorporate IoT safety solutions to protect employees to save the organization from facing costly brand damage from court decisions and negative social media attention.

IBM IoT Safer Workplace features

  • Minimize risk and stay compliant with safety policies
  • Gather data from wearable wireless devices
  • Protect workers in extreme conditions
  • Benefit from the cognitive capabilities of Watson IoT

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