Proactively build an agile and predictive IT Operation

Intelligent IT Analytics ingests machine generated structured and unstructured IT data with readymade adapters. I2A then automatically baselines normal behavior of your IT environment. Machine learning capabilities are able to detect anomalies, patterns, trends, periodicity and seasonality in behavior of infrastructure & application resources. Advanced analytical models identify capacity optimization opportunities and forecasting capacity requirements. Easily access insights on-demand through a personalized visualization web interface.
IBM Services Intelligent IT Analytics

Agility & Productivity

Faster response to new capacity demands. Actionable insights based on user interaction and business activity

Cost Containment

Reduced software license spend. More productive time spent on issue resolution, data management, analysis and design and complex platform support

Service Improvement

Accuracy in identifying availability and performance root causes and faster repair time

Risk Mitigation

Early anomaly and problem identification. Ongoing analysis of infrastructure & application monitoring, log & utilization data