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Introduction to the Fabrication Process

Learn how to generate data for a relational database and populate a single table with realistic, yet fictitious, data.

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Expanding knowledge into how Test Data Fabrication can help

See how fabrication automatically picks up and uses relationship information to easily maintain referential integrity.

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Adding columns to existing data structures

Watch and learn how to effectively add a new column to an existing data structure.

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IBM InfoSphere Optim guided demo: Create test data based on business rules

Gain experience with the InfoSphere Optim Test Data Fabrication tool by creating meaningful and realistic data for testing.

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InfoSphere Optim Test Data Fabrication

See how to fabricate high-quality and secure synthetic data for testing, development and training.

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IBM Optim for GDPR readiness

Learn to assess your General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) readiness with IBM and Estuate.

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InfoSphere Optim Test Data Fabrication

Learn how to accelerate your test data management efforts by providing high-quality test data.

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Hands-on Lab for IBM Optim Test Data Fabrication

This tutorial will give you a deeper dive into the capabilities of IBM Optim Test Data Fabrication.

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Accelerating time-to-market with fabricated test data

Explore the challenges when building and managing test data environments and how fabricated data can help.

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Protect your customer data with relevant test data

Meet regulations by reducing data risk in non-production environments with IBM InfoSphere Optim Test Data Fabrication.

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