Feature spotlights

Collection efficiency

Works across a variety of low-bandwidth or high-latency networks and through network firewalls. Supports parallel collection activity over multiple computers to improve efficiency. Handles agent installation and removal operations, reducing the need for IT management. Recovers from disconnected network connections.

Network connectivity

Helps organizations that are geographically distributed or need to provide network access for mobile employees. Helps improve visibility and control of business content that is stored on infrequently connected desktops and laptops. Installs the desktop agent on targeted devices and becomes visible in the management dashboard as network connectivity is available.

Task management

Enables you to assign tasks across a multitude of desktops from a single interface. Provides visibility of agent task assignments, activity and audit logs, and allows you to define, distribute and control the execution of agent tasks. Logs all activity performed by the desktop agent and makes it available for analysis.

Filtering and criteria refinement

Performs filtering through the query interface by using keywords, dates, file types, US NIST hash list comparisons and other metadata criteria. Offers visualizations and lists of responsive files for verification before execution, allowing you to incrementally refine your criteria as appropriate. Allows the desktop agent to act on internal or external storage devices attached to the target computer.