Feature spotlights

Fast data and fast analytics

This in-Memory database is designed for massive ingestion of event data while performing real-time analytics. Db2 Event Store is optimized for event driven data processing and analysis.

Massive data ingests

Ingest a million events per second per node. Linear scale of compute and storage. A single 3-node Event Store cluster is capable of ingesting more than 250 billion events a day.

Real-time analytics (HTAP) embedded

An excellent backend for steamed data, this hybrid transactional / analytical processing (HTAP) database is optimized based on BLU technology to enable streamed data performance. IBM Streams integration.

Built on Spark Platform

Use Spark Streaming, SQL, Analytics and Machine Learning. Db2 Event Store supports Spark API and native Db2 Event Store API’s.

Leverage open data format

Avoid vendor lock-in by writing data to Parquet columnar data format. Make use of the separation of storage and compute to scale both independently.

Integrated IBM Data Science Experience and machine learning

Apply machine learning capabilities to enable your analytics to “learn” from previous events. Use the embedded data science tools, which provide a single workplace where you can work with a growing set of data science tools such as Python, Scala, and Jupyter Notebooks.

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