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IBM® DataPower® Gateway – Physical provides increased capacity, performance and serviceability to meet mission-critical infrastructure requirements. IBM DataPower Gateway – Virtual provides deployment flexibility and elasticity for hypervisor and cloud deployments in a virtual appliance form factor.

Physical gateways are considered when performance and security is critical. Virtual gateways are typically the preferred choice when it comes to development and testing as it provides deployment flexibility with multiple options to deploy on cloud environments and is easy to add additional memory.

It can be deployed on Docker container, Microsoft Azure, VMWare ESX Server and Workstation, Citrix XenServer, Amazon EC2, IBM PureApplication® environments and IBM Softlayer®. For Softlayer, you also have the flexibility to deploy either on bare metal servers or virtual servers.

The dashboard delivers advanced operations capabilities for centralized troubleshooting. It provides near real-time, operational visibility for applications that are secured and optimized by DataPower gateways by allowing you to analyze the state of one or more DataPower gateways.

This software covers a wide range of use cases in a single purpose-built gateway. It provides a mobile gateway solution to native and hybrid mobile applications and offers a highly secure API gateway. It secures, integrates, controls and manages SOA workloads in the DMZ and trusted zones.

Both the physical and virtual form factors are sold through IBM Passport Advantage®. Physical gateways are sold on a per-gateway basis. Virtual gateways come in three editions: production, non-production and developer. Docker image is free on Docker Hub without IBM support for developer usage.

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IBM DataPower Gateway provides an extensible architecture and modules for advanced security and integration. Additional functionalities through modules can be added to both form factors (physical or virtual) as needed. Base firmware provides mobile, web and SOA workload support.