Feature spotlights

Enterprise-grade security gateway

IBM® DataPower® Gateway provides enterprise-grade security with the highest level of security assurance certification for mission-critical enterprise applications. It offers a combination of high-performance hardware acceleration with simplified deployment and ongoing management for your organization. It also provides a highly scalable reverse proxy for user access control and web single sign-on along with enforcement of context-based access policies from IBM Security Access Manager for Mobile.

Simplified integration

This software provides high-speed any-to-any message transformation, transport protocol bridging, database connectivity, mainframe connectivity and content-based routing to more quickly and securely connect service consumers to providers. It enables traffic control, including flexible rate limiting and service-level agreement (SLA) enforcement. It uses advanced routing, intelligent load distribution and high-speed XML, JSON and binary transformation capabilities.

Reduced cost and complexity

IBM DataPower Gateway can help untangle the costly IT complexity associated with point-to-point connectivity and integration, application and data security, API management and security, and enterprise mobility with a single “drop-in” gateway. The single, consistent configuration-driven approach to security and integration helps simplify the topology, reduce development costs and simplify operations, resulting in cost savings and reduced risk.

Enhanced portability and scaling

This software provides improved deployment flexibility including on premises, multiple clouds and hybrid options. IBM DataPower provides the same capabilities in a physical form factor or virtual gateway. It can be deployed on IBM Bluemix®, Amazon EC2, Microsoft Azure or IBM SoftLayer® and can be run on Red Hat or Ubuntu in any environment including bare-metal, virtual and cloud platforms. Secure Gateway Service provides security between Bluemix cloud services and your on-premises applications.

Smart insights and troubleshooting

You can accelerate problem diagnosis and resolution with IBM DataPower Operations Dashboard. It provides an advanced operations console for near real-time visibility of transactions and centralized operations to enable faster problem determination and operational resiliency. Meet enterprise compliance and SLAs with reports, such as chargeback reporting, to help ensure that SLAs are met. Security events and configurations can also be examined.

Security-rich API gateway

IBM DataPower Gateway serves as the enterprise-grade, field-proven, security-rich API gateway available in multiple form factors. It provides a highly performant and scalable gateway with a set of built-in policies for security, traffic management and mediation. It provides security policies to protect against threats, authenticate users, manage traffic and more. It is also the API gateway for the industry-leading IBM API Connect™ offering.


IBM DataPower Gateways can be integrated into many DevOps toolchains to provide consistent deployments and automated unit-testing. Provision and deploy DataPower in a Docker container for enhanced portability and elasticity on cloud and microservice platforms. Optimized IBM DataPower Gateway Docker images provide a smaller footprint, enhanced security and DevOps support. You can evaluate, demonstrate, develop and unit test IBM DataPower Gateway on Docker free of charge in the IBM Developer Hub.

Use cases

IBM DataPower Gateway covers a wide range of use cases in a single purpose-built gateway. It provides a mobile gateway solution to native and hybrid mobile applications including IBM MobileFirst™ platforms. It offers a highly secure API gateway as a component of the IBM API Connect solution. It secures, integrates, controls and manages SOA workloads in the DMZ and trusted zones, simplifies web security, controls traffic and accelerates delivery for intranet and internet web applications.

How customers use it

  • A North American airline keeps customer satisfaction high

    A North American airline keeps customer satisfaction high


    A North American airline wanted to extend its thoughtful customer service, especially during flight cancellations or delays, by sending customers personalized, rules-generated email or text messages.


    A rules-based travel notification system uses IBM Operational Decision Manager, IBM Integration Bus, IBM WebSphere® MQ, IBM WebSphere DataPower and IBM Tivoli® Directory Integrator.

  • Railinc Corp. gains visibility into service usage

    Railinc Corp. gains visibility into service usage


    After shifting to a more service-oriented approach to software development, Railinc sought to boost security measures and visibility into its growing number of services.


    The business worked with IBM Software Services for WebSphere to install IBM DataPower Gateway platforms to serve as one point of network access for all of its externally facing services.