ITCAM for Application Diagnostics details

Helps reduce MLC through monitoring of CPU utilization

Displays the overall CPU utilization and amount of zIIP offload occurring for the monitored address space.

Identify problems before they impact users

Deliver integrated management tools for web and enterprise infrastructure. It helps maintain availability and performance of your on-demand business. Support for management capabilities in both distributed and IBM® z/OS® environments is simple. You can resolve Java® EE issues to maintain high levels of uptime and responsiveness. Reports show performance trends at the application, transaction and server levels.

Key performance indicator alerts

Quickly gain insight into current performance through product-provided situations that track CPU performance, garbage collection, Application request throughput and overall JVM health metrics.

Streamline application management throughout the lifecycle

Correlate in-depth performance data gathered from multiple middleware environments including Java EE, IBM CICS®, IBM IMS™ and IBM WebSphere® Portal. This helps your IT team to pinpoint precise hot spots in application code with minimal effort. Dynamically adjust the depth of transaction monitoring levels. You can also establish a preset schedule for moving between monitoring levels, or switch as needed when you require a deeper level of analysis.

Monitor and manage performance throughout subsystems

Detect and repair issues in production and test environments with the automated problem center. You can maintain high uptime, performance and responsiveness standards by associating and profiling transactions to determine the location and causes of application failures. Analyze resource consumption patterns and trends on historical data to plan for growth. Detail SQL query performance to identify potential bottlenecks and work with the database administrator to optimize SQL calls.

Detect and analyze memory leaks

Optimize JVM memory parameters, detect memory leaks, garbage collection and lock contention conditions with memory trends graphing and metric comparison. Heap analysis helps to pinpoint leaking classes so developers can fix defective code. The software captures the line number of code responsible for suspected leaking classes and methods. This helps establish the relationship between referenced objects in the heap and allocating class names.

View all in-flight Java EE transactions

Track in near real time all in-flight Java EE transactions. This includes composite transactions that cross JVMs into the CICS and IMS subsystems, performing near real time Java stack traces and thread dumps. You can compare key system and JVM metrics on working and nonworking systems to help isolate differences that might cause problems.

Technical details

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