CICS Explorer key features

Centralized user interfaces make CICS easier to manage

See the exact information you need to complete your tasks. Show your CICS® Program resources alongside your JCL, submit your z/OS® jobs and check the results in a CICS Tasks view. Resize, reorder, sort columns. Move, tab or resize views using dynamic perspectives, with quick filters that reduce the volume of displayed information. Gain one-click access to performance data and map your application boundaries.

Smart resource editors and wizards

Browse available options at a glance with combo boxes and other GUI technology. Instant input validation provides a rapid learning curve. You can monitor your environment using CICS and system events and define and deploy Atom feeds. Write and deploy Java® code within a rich Java development environment. View, edit and manage z/OS data sets, z/OS UNIX™ files, and z/OS jobs.

Define, install and manipulate CICS runtime resources

View CICS system initialization (SIT) parameters. Follow complex CICS transactions using transaction tracking through CICSplex®, to quickly resolve hung task problems. Build and deploy CICS bundles for events, feeds, web services, applications, platforms, policies and CICS Liberty applications. View and manage the IBM CICSPlex System Manager elements that control workload distribution.

Integrate with other mainframe tools

Manipulate zFS files, z/OS jobs and data sets as part of the IBM Explorer for z/OS integration platform. CICS Explorer® also provides integration points for CICS Tools and IBM Problem Determination Tools for z/OS suites.

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