How does IBM BigFix Inventory work?

Manages assets across hundreds of thousands of endpoints

IBM BigFix Inventory offers a single console, single server, single intelligent agent view of all assets that is highly scalable and provides “always-on” software asset management to ensure audit readiness. It helps you manage software assets across hundreds of thousands of endpoints and can be installed throughout the entire enterprise in hours instead of weeks or months.

Delivers a comprehensive Software Identification Catalog

Simplify software identification with information on more than 8,000 software publishers, 40,000 software products and 105,000 application signatures. BigFix combines gathered inventory data with the software identification catalog to create a browsable warehouse and delivers continual updates through a cloud-based update service with information on commercial applications and publishers. It can be easily customized to track home-grown and proprietary applications with no coding required.

Enables enhanced reporting

Get reports on the health and compliance of software assets in minutes—regardless of the size of the environment—with both full reporting and sub-capacity reporting. Gain visibility into software license consumption to help plan software budgets based on inventory and usage trends. BigFix helps you plan for software upgrades and migrations by enabling administrators to determine which endpoints meet prerequisites; and sets security compliance policies for software and system configurations.

Provides discovery for software and processes

The solution offers discovery for software, processes, and file systems along with hardware usage and metering to help ensure audit readiness. These capabilities also provide cost savings and reduced security risk by identifying unused software. It allows users to browse data about software license usage to identify unused software and help limit audit and security exposures; and provides aggregated statistics and usage gathered by searching, filtering, sorting, viewing and exporting data.

Integrates with IBM software products

You can integrate BigFix Inventory with other IBM software products to extend management across the full software lifecycle —from procurement through retirement — including security compliance. Combine with IBM Control Desk for comprehensive software asset management—including software license reconciliation, contract management and service management. Or choose IBM BigFix Lifecycle for a complete software management solution and IBM BigFix Compliance for a complete security control solution.

BigFix Inventory: Custom Rules in Software Classification

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