Feature spotlights

Universal file transfer capabilities

IBM® Aspera® Enterprise Server supports various options to connect including desktop and mobile applications and third-party embedded clients. It provides enterprise-grade security that protects vital digital assets with Secure Shell (SSH) authentication, in-transit and at-rest encryption, and data integrity verification. The software enables access to scalable, on-demand storage and computing capacity. It supports various Linux and Microsoft Windows server platforms and Internet browsers.

Fast, reliable transfers of virtually any size files

This server software fully uses the available bandwidth for any network, from low capacity to multi-gigabit. It supports transfers from the desktop and point-to-point clients, command line, third-party embedded clients or mobile applications and serves as the high-speed backbone for Aspera transfers of file-based data over public Internet or private IP links.

File-based workflow automation

Enterprise Server uses hot folder services and defines custom pre- and post-delivery functionality using scriptable command line or the software development kit library. It automatically forwards uploaded files to other nodes, even if files are initially transferred inbound without Aspera, such as through FTP deliveries. It provides more reliable deliveries, with automatic retry-and-resume for failed transfers. With Aspera Sync, it can provide multi-site, multidirectional file synchronization.

Versatile administrative options

Supports any number of users and allows you to manage security settings, user access rights and transfer settings based on organizational requirements. Admins can set priorities and define aggregate or per-flow bandwidth allocation, and enable various transfer settings based on the time of day, per user or group, by client IP address or metadata. It allows administrators to monitor transfers, and configure email notifications and delivery confirmations on the client and server.

Flexible features

External organizations such as vendors and customers can contribute or download digital content faster, with more security and greater reliability. Organizations gain a centralized, high-speed file repository accessible through the Aspera desktop client or custom applications using the embedded Aspera client.

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