Data migration tools and services

Accelerate your journey to hybrid cloud with simplified tools and expert services

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Make data migration easy

Migrating your data to a cloud environment can improve data integrity, increase ROI and yield better insights for business decisions. IBM data migration tools and services include automated conversion tools and native Oracle compatibility, providing seamless, secure and cost-effective migration of your data to the IBM Cloud®. 


Benefits of data migration Modernize your infrastructure

Experience seamless integration between on-prem and cloud environments, with hybrid architecture and portable analytics powered by the IBM® Common SQL Engine. Run apps on any data store across the entire Hybrid Data Management portfolio.

Get more value from your business data

From software to appliances to hybrid cloud, choose the deployment options best suited to your needs. With high value and low TCO, IBM can help you maximize your investments and gain better insights from your data.

Utilize machine learning

Solve your toughest data challenges with IBM® Data Science Experience and IBM Spark, two robust tools backed by industry-leading expertise. Create and train predictive analytics models with machine learning.

Accelerate your journey to hybrid cloud

IBM provides leading-edge tools and native compatibility, including compatibility assessments, automated schema conversions and built-in native PL/SQL compatibility with vendors like Oracle.

Use cases

The data migration process After you migrate, the Common SQL Engine will manage your data to ensure your apps run seamlessly on cloud, Hadoop and any data stores within the IBM Hybrid Data Management family. Schema conversion

Extract and create your source data structures in the IBM Common SQL Engine.

Data movement

Extract and load data from your source system into your target data repository.

Application migration

Convert and move your application over to the new data repository.

Case studies

Data migration case study
Anheuser-Busch InBev The world’s largest beer brewer migrates vast amounts of data from multiple mission-critical systems reliably, securely and risk-free — reducing transfer time by 75%. Read the case study

Next steps

Ready to migrate? Have questions? Talk to our migration experts to discuss your migration scenario and get answers on how best to move your data.