What is cognitive talent management?

Cognitive talent management solutions powered by IBM® Watson® can help you attract, hire, and retain top talent that will thrive in your organization, and empower and inspire all employees to do their best work.

Cognitive systems are a category of technologies that can understand, reason, and continuously learn from interactions with people and data. With the ability to quickly gather insights from vast amounts of data and deliver tailored information, cognitive systems can help HR professionals improve decision-making and create more efficient ways to interact with employees.

Talent acquisition

Recruit, onboard and engage the right talent for your business


Attract the right candidates to the right roles through precision and science. Watson-powered talent acquisition solutions from IBM will help identify and hire the best - and the best fit - talent to meet business needs. Avoid hiring mistakes and find top talent by using analytics to make successful, data-driven decisions.

Employee engagement and experience

Engage and develop your employees

IBM employee engagement solutions - combined with Watson - make it easy to continuously listen to your employees and measure what matters. Listen to your people with census and pulse surveys, analyze responses with cognitive technology, and act fast on insights. IBM brings all your HR data into one system to quickly uncover insights and recommend actions.

The IBM cognitive talent management advantage

Attract and hire

Recruit, onboard and engage the right talent for you

Engage and grow

Listen to, train and develop your people

Optimize talent and culture

Identify, develop and retain your best talent to grow in the digital era

Talent management is transforming

Use this interactive tool to discover where you fit into the talent management transformation and to identify helpful next steps.

IBM cognitive talent management solutions enhance how people work to improve business impact

Build strong talent pools

Build strong candidate relations and proactive talent pools

Onboard to accelerate productivity

Quickly achieve productivity and efficiency with your new hires

Deliver great candidate experiences

Deliver great candidate experiences and motivate candidates to apply

Drive learning and development

Integrate formal and social learning seamlessly

Enable personalized learning and development

Activate career growth and internal mobility

Empower and listen to employee voices

Gain insights and identify opportunities with employee surveys and cognitive analytics

Improve ROI of your talent

Accelerate talent decisions, uncover hidden patterns, and influence decisions

Measure employee engagement

Understand what motivates and engages employees

Watson Career Coach

IBM® Watson™ Career Coach is a virtual assistant that aligns your business goals with your employees’ career goals. Through interactions and updates, Watson Career Coach learns about an employee’s preferences and interests, and makes recommendations for existing job opportunities and how to navigate future career moves.

Watson Recruitment

IBM® Watson™ Recruitment is a cognitive talent management solution that increases recruiter efficiency to allow HR to improve and accelerate people’s impact on the business. It automatically predicts, without bias, the best suited candidates who are most likely to succeed in an organization.

Watson Candidate Assistant

IBM® Watson™ Candidate Assistant is an AI and cognitive talent management solution that engages candidates in personalized career discussions.

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