Hire with confidence with proven employee assessments.

Predict performance with the industry’s most robust catalog of proven assessments. Choose from over 1,200 assessments to find quality candidates—today. 

Is your HR organization ready today for business tomorrow?

Imagine finding the right talent, faster, and guided by data. Opening up personalized pathways for your employees with AI-powered growth and development practices. Driving exponential business growth powered by talent empowered by technology. With Watson tools for HR, companies are seeing a 64% increase in candidates who progress to a face to face interview, a 20% increase in average monthly hires by recruiter, and a 47% increase in candidates submitted per day from recruiter to hiring manager.

Turn HR into a more reliable driver of business outcomes with AI-powered technology

Find the right talent, faster, with insights fueled by AI

Recruiters spend a large portion of time searching for candidates and scanning resumes, yet organizations say they would not rehire 40% of recent hires. (1)

Prioritize the work that will deliver the right talent for your business.

Assess and measure talent to predict performance

Businesses that use pre-hire assessments are 36% more likely than all others to be satisfied with their new hires. (2)

Apply behavioral science to talent acquisition to ensure the best hiring decisions.

Engage and retain talent with personalized career development

More than 50% of organizations have difficulty retaining valued employee groups. (3) Yet 78% of employees say a clear career path would compel them to stay. (4)

Create new paths for employees and increase retention with AI-powered development practices.

IBM Watson Candidate Assistant awarded Top HR Product of 2018

Watson Candidate Assistant has been named one of HR Executive’s Top HR Products of the year for its innovation, HR value-add, intuitiveness, and ability to deliver.

Freedom from the tasks that weigh you down. Freedom to prioritize what matters.

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Attracts top talent at speed and scale by matching top-performing candidates to their ideal roles.


Focuses on competing for top digital and tech talent by surfacing best-fit roles.

H&R Block

Thousands apply for a job, receive an offer and complete their onboarding within 24 hours.

Goodwill of North Georgia

Equips employees with the skills they need to help fulfill its mission of putting people to work.

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AI in HR business case

A new IBM Smarter Workforce Institute report outlines tangible examples of where AI is delivering value in HR today, with practical steps for getting started.

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