In a world of disruption, are you prepared to shift the way you hire, build and retain talent?

No matter what your talent acquisition pain points are, IBM will help you design a solution and take that next step with you

How can we ensure the recruitment process is fair and we have a diverse and inclusive workforce?

Each organization has challenges—some of them systemic—in the areas of diversity and inclusion. Hiring a diverse workforce isn't enough; ensuring that the workplace environment is fully supportive of each employee enables the greatest productivity. IBM's AI offerings in talent acquisition, which root out human bias by uncovering differences between human and AI decision-making, are a way to create a bias-free recruitment journey for your candidates, from demand planning to talent development. 

We want to improve hiring experiences, but where do we begin?

Based on your business strategy and desired outcomes, IBM consulting experts co-create personas and design optimal experiences for each stakeholder in the talent acquisition journey. Our segmented approach to hiring is supported by AI and automation at precise moments and empowers recruiting team members with opportunities to build relationships with candidates and delight hiring managers.

How can we make hiring outcomes more predictable?

We use your data and talent objectives to segment hiring based on variables such as labor supply, process complexity and experience. Our solution gives you real-time strategic insights, enabling you to shift resources and priorities for immediate needs, hire and develop for retention, and identify, develop and bridge skills gaps. All this not only makes hiring outcomes more predictable, but also enables your talent acquisition function to create additional value for your business.

Optimizing your talent acquisition for success

Transform experiences

Intelligent workflows drove a 10-point gain in candidate NPS and a 50-point gain in hiring manager NPS

Amplify human impact

Campus recruiting program grew to 1,000 candidates per year after digitization of recruiting processes

Accelerate business value

Optimization of talent acquisition resulted in a 51% reduction in total HR spend over 5 years

What we do

Assess your enterprise-wide talent function and co-create an actionable strategy

As a true open ecosystem technology and consulting partner, IBM has transformed the way we operate to deliver enterprise solutions. We can design cognitive-enabled intelligent workflows and a dynamic, tailored operating model and segmentation strategy that supports your talent acquisition needs based on your historical hiring patterns.

Pivot from vision and strategy to insights and action with configurable, on-demand services

Transform recruiting with IBM talent services. Our breadth of offerings include recruitment process outsourcing (RPO), market insights, sourcing strategies and integrated employment branding—all designed to yield more informed decision-making and higher quality candidates. 

Additional services for talent acquisition

Precision Talent Model powered by IBM Services Essentials

Our approach to recruitment ensures every stakeholder wins. Customized intelligent workflows use automation, cognitive applications, and both artificial and human intelligence to deliver better outcomes.

IBM Talent Platform Optimizers with Watson

At key moments throughout the talent acquisition journey, AI and automation assist each stakeholder, from matching candidates with jobs to supporting talent leaders with demand planning.

Reports from IBM Talent Research and Insights

Don't lose out on talent through a lack of market research. Our portfolio of customized Talent Intelligence Reports provides analysis and insights that enable successful talent acquisition strategies.

Delivering for our clients

Hiring for business-critical teams

A dedicated recruiting team manages high-touch, accelerated hiring projects for this industrial machinery company.

Impactful recruiting through social media

Compelling messaging attracts recruits and enhances the perception of this industrial technology company.

Maintaining productivity with hard-to-find talent

This multinational conglomerate needed help filling key positions for complex recruiting in the Middle East.

Continue your transformation journey

HR Transformation

HR is the new engine of growth for the organization, helping attract and retain a diverse and highly skilled workforce that supports evolving business needs.

Talent Development

Skills and experience are the new currency of competitive value, and this requires organizations to build a culture of continuous learning.

Change Management

Organizational transformation in today’s digital era demands a fundamentally distinct, employee-centric approach to change management.

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