Ventana Research Award: Watson Candidate Assistant

By Aarti Borkar

When you hire the perfect candidate, good things follow. A similar scenario is happening with IBM Watson Candidate Assistant (WCA), one of our AI solutions for talent management. It is now a multi-award-winning product!

Ventana Research named WCA one of the 10 best Digital Innovation Awards for 2018. The prestigious award recognizes that WCA “best exemplifies innovation in the applications and technologies that support human capital management.” The recognition follows another recent award for WCA as one of HR Executive’s Top HR Products of the year for its innovation, HR value-add, intuitiveness, and ability to deliver.

Perhaps one reason Watson Candidate Assistant is quickly earning accolades is that we designed it with a clear purpose: Help candidates find their fit. WCA levels the playing field for those who otherwise might be overlooked, disenfranchised or unintentionally discriminated against. When paired with IBM Watson Talent Frameworks, an AI-curated library of skills and competencies, WCA enables companies to write more effective job postings leveraging standard and alternative job titles, key responsibilities, and industry-specific skill requirements. From the outset, the experience creates a great first impression for job seekers — and reduces costly hiring mistakes by ensuring job seekers apply for the jobs that fit them best.

In this fast-paced market, companies need to acquire the best talent quickly, but the result also needs to be a good fit for everyone involved. I’ve talked about the need to reduce bias and increase diversity in the workplace. It’s more important than ever. For example, reducing bias is a critical element of culture change. By introducing the right AI into the process we are able to change behaviors and have a lasting and meaningful impact. AI trained with bad data and by people who are not subject matter experts could have a damaging and opposite effect.

We also know that minorities and women are not applying for jobs they may be great at. That’s why we are changing the job search experience. With WCA, we’re using AI to match job seekers to positions they are qualified for but might not have applied to otherwise. Through the power of suggestion, WCA improves the willingness and confidence to apply. We added this layer of intelligence to our IBM Career site with incredible success. Then we took the technology to our clients as Watson Candidate Assistant.

So far, the results are winning awards from critics and clients alike. If you’re not familiar with WCA, you can learn more here.

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