By Dan Lemieux, Offering Manager, IBM Talent Management

If you wait until you need a hire to start looking for talent, you’re already too late. For candidates, looking for a job is a lot like making a major purchase – the research happens on a regular basis over a long period of time before action is taken. Just like consumers, many candidates now expect companies to engage with them on their own terms – personalized, relevant, and “always on” across multiple channels.

As it has for decades, successful sourcing starts with building a talent pool. Recruiting today involves more than just identifying and connecting with qualified candidates when you need to fill a current job. It’s also important to find ways to keep high potentials engaged over an extended timeframe, until they are ready to actively build a relationship, a lot like marketing a product to your buyers.

To do so, you need a solution that goes beyond traditional candidate relationship management (CRM) to proactively attract, source, engage, and nurture talent. Many BrassRing users turn to IBM Kenexa Lead Manager to create sophisticated recruitment campaigns, including personalized messages based on candidate preferences and previous interactions with your company. The connection between BrassRing and Lead Manager allows you to stay close to silver medalists, alumni, and seasonal hires so that hiring for your next job is as easy as reaching out to an old friend.

High quality candidates expect a great user experience

Interacting with a candidate without regard to their history with your organization, including previous correspondence and conversations; or their status as a potential hire, from hot lead to actively pursuing an opportunity with a competitor, can equal a poor candidate experience. Since Lead Manager was built as part of BrassRing, there is seamless integration of data across both tools, giving you full visibility between the tools.

Another key aspect of Lead Manager that personalizes your talent acquisition approach is its behavioral marketing engine. Leveraging IBM Watson Campaign Automation, a groundbreaking digital marketing platform, it gives you deep insights into individual behaviors and preferences. For example, you can learn if and when candidates open emails, how often they would like to hear from you, etc. This allows you to use behavioral segmentation to route candidates and build lead communications based on their activities or non-activities.

Lead Manager and Watson Campaign Automation contains tools that measure the effectiveness of each recruitment campaign, allowing you to assess what works and eliminate methods that don’t. Customize reports to show ROI and prove success with stats such as emails reached and opened, clicks on links/assets, conversions to leads, applicants and hires, and more.

Check out the three minute video demo within the IBM Knowledge Center and contact your IBM executive partner to learn how to integrate BrassRing with Lead Manager to build lasting candidate relationships and robust pipelines with a focus on personalized experience. 

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