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Sarah McPherson and Matt Johnson manage workforce technologies for Best Buy, a consumer electronics retailer with more than 125,000 employees and 1,400 retail locations in North America. Best Buy adopted the IBM Kenexa Talent Acquisition Suite five years ago, but Sarah has an additional 9 years of experience working with BrassRing at other companies. We caught up with Sarah and Matt to talk about their recent talent acquisition projects, how much they like automating administrative tasks with RAM triggers, and a job seeker trend they've seen this year. 

What do you like most about your day-to-day job? 
Solving business problems through efficient automations. Talent acquisition is an ever evolving and exciting field to be in.  

Which IBM Kenexa Talent Acquisition Suite products do you use and how many Workbench administrators do you have within your team? 
We use Lead Manager, BrassRing, and Onboard, as well as an IBM hosted career site. We have four Workbench admins. 

What advice would you give a new client starting out on internal support structure? 
Know how your business responds to change and also understand their current support structure for other technology tools.  We ended up changing our internal support structure less than six months after implementation due to frustration with support.

What is your favorite new feature within BrassRing? 
The most recent change within the last year we capitalized on was the ability to have multiple RAMs off of the same triggering event. This helped us take out some manual steps in the process for our end users, saving them time and frustration with the process.

How many RAM triggers have you run this year so far? 
We have run 3,435,798 RAMs or automations.  Yes, that is right, 3.4+ million (we currently have 80 RAMs and three automations).

Describe an internal process change that's benefited you and your team in the last 12 months. 
One compliance benefit we have recently turned on is the ability to prevent candidates from proceeding through the tracking logic until the req has been posted for a required amount of days (HR status block action - requisition related setting). This has allowed us to confidently know that a candidate cannot be hired into a req prior to the required amount of days for all candidates to apply and be considered. Our Talent Acquisition and audit team loves us for doing this!

What's the most obvious trend you've seen among job seekers so far this year? 
Ease of access to accounts is becoming a glaring issue. Candidates have issues remembering login information for one account (even with Social Media log in options – because they don’t remember which social media accounts they originally used). When adding a second new hire account into the mix, it makes it virtually impossible for them to remember their account information.  

What's the next TA project you see on the horizon at your organization? 
Interview scheduling!

Which product do you not have today, but wish you did? 
Watson Candidate Assistant. Having Watson assist our external candidates with FAQs and other support information would be super beneficial!

What celebrity would fit in best with your team and why?
For some reason Will Ferrell comes to mind because we are very serious over here...

Tell us something fun about your recruiting team. 
We have about 5,000 BrassRing recruiter users, and only 70-80 of those are professional HR recruiters/sourcers. We have an additional 9,000+ hiring manager users. 

Thanks for talking with us, Sarah and Matt! 

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