The BrassRing Metrics Dashboard Is Live!

By Geri Barrison

Thank you for all of your feedback and support as the IBM Talent Acquisition Suite team worked on our capstone project for 2018 – the new BrassRing Metrics Dashboard. By now, you’ve been involved in one or more enablement sessions, heard feedback from clients that have been sponsor users, and maybe even played around with it yourself.

In developing the Metrics Dashboard, we built out a completely new reporting database. This does not replace the Data Insight Tool (DIT) in any way, but it offers faster updates for—users will see an hourly update of their metrics data. We have built this out directly into the production environment and were keenly focused on overall BrassRing performance in our testing.

But you probably still have some questions.  I’m here to help. Let’s start with:

It’s live, but what now?

The Metrics Dashboard is live and in production today, and there are a number of out of the box metrics available for BrassRing and Lead Manager. User type permissions can be configured to grant access based on the needs of your company and you can begin to build out visualizations into the library for assignment to persona. If you need a refresher on the Metrics Dashboard Admin, the documentation and getting started video are available in the Knowledge Center

Cool – I can see my BrassRing and Lead Manager data – What about Onboard?

Funny you mention it! Onboard data will be available in the Metrics Dashboard in Q2 2019. We are excited to bring you a comprehensive Talent Suite metrics tool.

I really love this, but what if I have suggestions for enhancements?

The RFE tool has a category for Metrics Dashboard already available for you and we’ll be monitoring that feedback, as well as NPS commentary for enhancements to the Metrics Dashboard later in 2019.

The BrassRing Metrics Dashboards will be a game-changer for Mayo Clinic! Having simple, visual metrics available will allow recruiters to more efficiently and effectively communicate recruitment updates to their hiring managers. The dashboards will provide key performance indicators at our recruiters’ fingertips and free up the resources on our Reporting team.

Rachel Messmer, RACR, Senior Recruiter, Mayo Clinic

Cerner has really enjoyed the opportunity of being an Early Adopter for the Metrics Dashboard. Through quick and easy creation of multiple visuals, the tool has allowed our recruiting leaders the ability to view the current state of our organization at a high level. The Metrics Dashboard has given us new insights as to how our recruiting teams are operating on a day-to-day basis. We are also excited for the new releases to come out, which includes the tool updating every hour. This is a huge win!

Ryan Schugart, Business Systems Analyst, Recruiting Operations, Cerner Corporation

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