IBM Watson Talent and Skillsoft Join Forces to Deliver AI-powered Learning and Career Development

By Rado Nikolov

Sprint and IBM have collaborated for several years using IBM Talent Frameworks to perform competency assessments that drive development and workforce planning. We look forward to an expanded alignment with Skillsoft, which will allow us to enhance the development resources we offer our employees.” - Deb Mitchell, Senior Talent Management Consultant, Sprint

"Matching the right development for each employee in each role is a complex problem," said Josh Bersin, Global Industry Analyst. "IBM’s partnership with Skillsoft shows the potential to dramatically improve everyone’s career development through intelligent, data-driven recommendations for every major job role.”

Most organizations today struggle to find talent for their open positions. While internal talent mobility can help address many of these hiring challenges, less than a third of HR professionals are happy about their organization’s ability to meet their internal mobility goals.[1] Not only that, but 60 percent of executives admit they struggle to keep their workforce current in terms of the skills they need.[2]

And, while employees are eager for their skills to stay current in the face of automation and to develop their careers, most corporate learning infrastructure fails to deliver what employees want - learning at their own pace and when they need it. 

IBM Watson Talent and Skillsoft are joining forces to deliver on these critical goals, offering agile employee development and motivating internal mobility to give organizations the talent they need, where they need it, to help drive great employee experiences that positively impact engagement, retention and productivity.

“The seamless integration of Skillsoft’s industry-leading learning content and IBM’s Watson-curated library of skills and competencies to tag the learning content is a game changer,” said Bob Schultz, General Manager of IBM Watson Talent. “It can not only deliver learning recommendations based on an employee’s learning history and their career aspirations, it can also be agile enough to meet an organization's changing job requirements.”

“Employees will have at their fingertips a way to identify not only their own competencies, but the skills and capabilities that their organization needs. This means they can create a personalized learning and career development plan that matches their aspirations and is in sync with organizational requirements.”

Employees will also be able to access new opportunities as they become available. In addition, a virtual coach guides employees every step of the way – encouraging employees to reskill for the future as needed and delivering all the benefits of internal mobility to organizations.

Talking about the announcement, Skillsoft Chief Operating Officer, Chad Gaydos commented, “We are very excited to be partnering with IBM Watson Talent to provide personalized, engaging and transformative learning experiences. This partnership delivers game-changing learning which will help organizations retain talent, drive better business outcomes and deliver clear career paths for their people.”

The solution includes Skillsoft’s award-winning content, Percipio learning experience platform, IBM Watson Career Coach, IBM Watson Talent Frameworks, and IBM Talent Assessments. 


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[2] IBM Institute for Business Value (2016) Facing the Storm: Navigating the global skills crisis.