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Eliminate paper, cycle time, and data-entry errors with IBM Kenexa Onboard

As a recruitment professional, you know that finding and hiring the ideal person for your open req is just the first step. Another critical part of the process is quickly onboarding new hires, so they can easily make the transition from candidate to engaged employee. Did you know that you could potentially save millions of dollars by automating repetitive manual tasks?

To create a seamless bridge between the candidate and employee experience, and to jumpstart new hire productivity, BrassRing users turn to IBM Kenexa Onboard, a flexible tool that eliminates paper, cycle time, and data-entry errors associated with onboarding new employees. Onboard helps you to complete tasks to ensure compliance and accelerates your new hire’s ramp to productivity.

For example, in the United States, one of the first steps when onboarding a new employee is verifying employment eligibility. E-Verify is a U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) website that allows businesses to determine the eligibility of their employees, both U.S. or foreign citizens, to work in the country. The online system compares information from an employee’s Form I-9 against data from DHS and Social Security Administration records to confirm an individual’s eligibility.

Onboard’s E-Verify feature is an electronic Form I-9 solution that enables one-time data entry and seamless integration with the government’s system. When your new hire enters required data into the online Form I-9 within Onboard, it is automatically submitted to the government’s E-Verify system. Employers who use an electronic Form I-9 integrated with the E-Verify system cannot be held liable for mistakenly hiring an undocumented worker or for discrimination accusations, because they never have to ask the new hire for documentation – the computer system does all the checking for you.

Included at no extra cost, the E-Verify feature within Onboard can also reduce the occurrence of Form I-9 errors and their associated fees. According to U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, 76 percent of paper I-9 forms contain an error that could result in a fine. However, the electronic solution helps negate that margin of error, which can have significant financial impact. The penalties for substantive violations, which include failing to produce a Form I-9, range from $224 to $2,236 per violation.

We calculated how much savings the Onboard E-Verify feature is giving to some of our existing clients. You can see what we found in Figure 1.

Staggering isn’t it? This is just one of the flexible, global, and accessible features of Onboard that can help you design the experience to suit the needs of every role and region in which you hire. Onboard also provides a mobile and social engagement experience for new hires and their managers, getting them excited, engaged, and connected with their teams even before the first day of work.

To learn more, reach out to your Workbench administrator or IBM executive partner to discuss how Onboard E-Verify can help streamline your new hire onboarding process, save your company money, and turn top talent hires into productive employees faster.

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