By Geri Barrison, Principal Offering Manager, IBM Talent Management Solutions

What a year! Back in June 2017, we launched a redesign to the BrassRing Home page and the positive feedback from administrators and recruiters like you has been tremendous. Other specialists in the field have noticed the changes as well – in fact, industry analyst Sarah Brennan recently published her positive reaction to the redesigned experience!

“I had a chance to take a quick look at BrassRing – did you know there is an all-new BrassRing product?  ME EITHER!!  The briefing wasn’t on that solution, but they showed me the new UX and redesigned approach and how it interacts with Watson, and I am disappointed it has remained as much of a secret as it has. It has full AI, Mobile Candidate Experience, CRM and Recruitment Marketing with behavioral marketing workflows powered by Watson.” – Sarah Brennan, HRTech Blog

In last month’s newsletter, we talked about some of the projects completed over the past year in response to your feedback. The BrassRing Home page redesign was a huge part of those efforts to create an experience that is personal, easy to use, and adjustable based on your needs in the moment.

There’s so much more to the Home page than just being a home page. When we talked to recruiters and hiring managers, you said that you wanted a single place to see all your requisitions and be able to do work without having to search for it – and the new BrassRing Home page lets you do that. You wanted some basic metrics to understand your aged reqs and your time to fill. Hiring managers also needed a way to approve reqs and forms easily. You also said you wanted access to the Quick Links from everywhere in BrassRing. And you wanted to do it all while on the go.

If you are thinking to yourself, “Hmmm, I don’t think I’ve seen this new home page,” learn more about the features and functionality in the IBM Knowledge Center.