Find the Right Fit Faster

By Steve Kramer

In today’s world of ever expansive and faster moving capabilities to search and apply for jobs, it’s important for companies to be able to provide the best candidate experience available. No longer should recruiters be required to log into several different applications in order to get an applicant through the application process, moving from their applicant system to their assessment system, and on and on. This only prolongs the candidate application experience, lengthens the time to hire, and makes the recruiter chase down information in multiple places. Not a good experience all around.

The combination of IBM Kenexa BrassRing and IBM Talent Assessments provides a unified approach to gathering candidate application data and assessing their skill levels to predict fit and potential job performance faster. With more than 1,000 ready-to-use skills and behavioral assessments, Talent Assessment can be easily integrated into the candidate application workflow within BrassRing.

By combining these two tools, you can choose how you’d like to make assessments available to your candidate. Either have it transition automatically from the end of the application right into the assessment or administer the assessment further down the line in your hiring process. You can automate and control the messages sent to your candidates by configuring email templates in BrassRing. Once the candidate completes the assessment(s), the overall results, containing a results report, are instantly sent back to BrassRing.

This is where the real magic can start to happen. Based on how you choose to set up the assessments, you can utilize the result scores to update the HR status, disposition candidates, send communications, and much more. Some additional benefits of taking advantage of this integration include:

  • Setting up multiple assessments in batches allows the candidate to take all assessments one after another. Or, by utilizing hurdle functionality, the candidates will only be presented with the next assessment if they pass the first or previous assessment.
  • Creating cut scores and color/text banding based on score.
  • Instituting a results lifespan on an individual assessment basis, so that if a candidate applies to a job within the specified lifespan that has an assessment they have already taken, they will not have to take it again. Their previous score will be copied into the new requisition.
  • Determining exemptions, which allow you to identify a set population within a single requisition to bypass the assessment (i.e. internal or external candidates).
  • Running an assessment for a candidate at any time or administering a retake of an assessment.

Contact your IBM executive partner to learn more about the benefits you can gain by integrating pre-hire assessments into your talent acquisition process.