By Ryan Jackson, Expert Services and Application Support Manager, IBM Talent Management Solutions

With the July release update to IBM Kenexa Onboard, you can now export data on the Manage New Hires page directly to Excel. Access this feature via the Manage New Hires page, using the Take Action link.

Rather than navigating to the Reports module, you can stay within the Manage New hires page, select multiple new hires, and click on the Export to Excel option. You can also select new hires across pages for export. This will allow you to use the Manage New Hire page to not only filter and view data, but also to explore it further in Excel rather than using the custom reporting tool outside of Talent Suite.

Important to note – if you do not select any new hire data, then all the 10,000 records displayed on the screen will be retrieved and exported. While this is the easy approach, we recommend using filters to create a smaller subset based on your specific needs.

Export hiring data

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