Announcing Watson Career Coach Express

By Wendy McCoy

In today’s tight job market, organizations increasingly look to fill their open positions internally. It can help make recruitment faster and more cost-effective, and also help in retaining valuable employees. Three-quarters of high-potential employees surveyed say they could be tempted to leave for better career development or to better use their existing skills.1 Yet, while 79 percent of HR professionals surveyed believe internal mobility is important to their talent management strategy, only 30 percent of respondents are satisfied with their ability to meet goals in this area.2 One of the common barriers reported is employees’ lack of visibility of potential opportunities, or how to match their skills to them. This is where technology powered by artificial intelligence can help.

We are excited to announce a new solution for organizations looking to improve internal mobility for their employees: IBM Watson Career Coach Express, available for purchase starting April 30, 2019. For teams that would like to make an impact on internal mobility quickly, Watson Career Coach Express provides a lightweight alternative to IBM Watson Career Coach, our full-featured virtual career coach.

With minimal training required, it is possible to get started with Watson Career Coach Express in a matter of days. Similar to Watson Career Coach, the Express version is an AI-powered virtual agent that understands natural language and is able to answer career-related questions. The chatbot learns about an employee’s background from answers to its questions and by scanning an uploaded resume. However, Watson Career Coach Express does not require the historical career progression data that is critical to get started with the full version Watson Career Coach (Watson Career Coach offers career path suggestions based on job transitions other in similar job roles have made in the past, as well as learning recommendations to help employees fill skill gaps).

Organizations who don’t have this historical data readily available are able to deploy Watson Career Coach Express quickly and easily – and can easily upgrade later to the full version of Watson Career Coach. Our consultants are available as needed to help to create the foundational data needed to upgrade to the full version.

HR teams familiar with the award-winning IBM Watson Candidate Assistant may be encouraged to know that Watson Career Coach Express is essentially the "internal version" of Watson Candidate Assistant. Watson Career Coach Express recommends best-fit open positions through a chatbot interface for internal employees vs. external job seekers.

Learn more about Watson Career Coach Express.


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