Rachel Brown, Offering Manager, IBM Talent Management Solutions

Infer. Articulate. Interpret. These skills aren’t often listed in the job description, but BrassRing recruiters use them almost daily to translate the true needs and expectations of hiring managers into job requisitions.

Most hiring managers’ expertise lies outside of HR, and most recruiters aren’t trained experts in all jobs within a given organization, so the latter often find themselves bending and stretching to fill the gap.

When I was a hiring manager, I knew what “good” looked like, but I didn’t know how to put it down on paper, which made it difficult for either a candidate or a recruiter to really understand what I was looking for. I also made mistakes in how I described and emphasized certain skills – swinging too far between leadership skills or technical know-how, depending on how my week had gone. And then for the cherry on top, trial and error helped me refine a standard set of interview questions sourced from, yes, a quick Google search.

These are great examples of what not to do and asking recruiters to counteract these negatives isn’t the right answer either.

IBM can help.

Looking to North American logistics provider ArcBest as an example, Kellie Black, Manager of Organizational Effectiveness, notes IBM is “helping our top talent put names to skills they know are critical, but couldn’t quite put their finger on before. Gaining these insights is especially important for areas of the organization that are changing rapidly to meet customer demands. IBM Watson Talent Frameworks enables us to ensure that our descriptions reflect the requirements accurately and helps us keep them up to date as they evolve.”

IBM Watson Talent Frameworks is a ready-to-use job taxonomy and competency library.

It helps hiring managers better communicate with recruiters as well as potential candidates, eliminating guesswork around job descriptions and skills with pre-defined job profiles. These include a balance of core, leadership, and technical skills to ensure hiring managers don’t skew too far in one direction. Additionally, it provides skill-specific interview questions to help you appropriately probe for candidates’ proficiency and experience.

Curated by AI, Watson Talent Frameworks provides consistent and current descriptions, skills, and lexicon that can be personalized to support recruiters, hiring managers, and candidates in finding the best fit. Learn more at www.ibm.com/software/watson-talent-frameworks/try.

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