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IBM® Watson™ Recruitment is an AI-powered talent management solution that works seamlessly with your ATS to increase recruiter efficiency and improve and accelerate HR’s impact on the business. It surfaces the most qualified candidates for the job — without human bias — and identifies adverse impact.

Prioritize diversity and eliminate bias

Diversity and inclusion is proven driver of better business outcomes. Yet, with an average of 250 resumes received per position, recruiters only spend an average of 7 seconds on any given resume. Unconscious bias may be undermining your success. 

With Watson Recruitment’s Adverse Impact Analysis, identify whether unconscious bias is present in your hiring process and take action to eliminate it.

IBM diversity and inclusion

Diverse and inclusive organizations are:

2x more likely to meet or exceed financial targets

more likely to meet or exceed financial targets

(Source: Deloitte)

6x more likely to be innovative and agile

more likely to be innovative and agile

Watson Recruitment delivers the results you need

Quickly pinpoint the best talent

Quickly pinpoint the best talent

Identify the most qualified candidates with the maximum predicted level of success. Watson focuses recruiting efforts, increasing efficiency.

Evaluate and eliminate bias

Evaluate and eliminate bias

Analyze your hiring practices for adverse impact and evaluate bias to ensure an inclusive and diverse culture.

Gain real time workforce insights card icon

Gain real time workforce insights

Drive better conversations with candidates through AI-powered social listening that monitors employee sentiment.

Explore Watson Recruitment features

Prioritize job requisitions

Ensure that your urgent requisitions are immediately given high priority and acted upon.

Score applicants based on predicted success

Leverage AI to generate a success profile for each job role — eliminating human bias — to score applicants based on their predicted success.

Analyze for adverse impact

Identify whether unconscious bias may be present in your hiring process and take action to eliminate it.

Find the best match

Surface the right candidates — and how they compare to others — for any job. Let AI determine who can do the job.

Gain real time market insights

Monitor market perceptions and employee sentiment to improve conversations about your company.

Additional solutions

Talent Acquisition

IBM Watson Candidate Assistant

IBM® Watson® Candidate Assistant is an AI and cognitive talent management solution that engages candidates in personalized career discussions and recommends positions that fit them best.

IBM Watson Talent Frameworks

Pair Watson® Talent Frameworks with Watson Recruitment to write more effective job postings leveraging standard and alternative job titles, key responsibilities, and industry-specific skill requirements—all curated with Watson.

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