Tuesday, February 12

3133: Pioneer Thinking Reveals 5 Steps to AI in HR Success

Speakers: Panel of IBM experts with Sheri Feinzig, and Nigel Guenole

Navigating the AI journey is not easy, but pioneers in this space have shared their learnings to ensure you have the ideal roadmap for your own AI journey. In this session, the IBM Smarter Workforce Institute shares the results of a major research study. With insights from more than 20 senior executives in IBM HR, we reveal the best way to bring AI to your HR function.

6763: The HR Exchange at Think 2019

The Future of HR—Powered by AI, Driven by People
Join senior HR professionals for this 9:00am-3:00pm session where attendees will learn how to rewrite the rules for HR and how to be the leader who is embracing technology for all the right reasons.  Hear from experts on how to: rethink every HR program, become an agent of change to your organization’s culture, embrace an agile environment and lead with data and act with AI. When this happens, and it will, organizations will acquire and retain the best people. They will capitalize on the new currency: skills. And they will future-proof their talent strategy and be the new driver for business growth in their company, industry, and life. Hear from industry experts and acclaimed thought leaders like analyst Josh Bersin, along with IBM CHRO, Diane Gherson. Most of all, learn from your peers—organizations that have integrated AI into HR and delivered business results using IBM solutions. The future of HR. Powered by AI. Driven by People.

6920: Think 2019 Chairman's Address: Building Smarter Businesses

Speaker: Ginni Rometty, IBM

Join IBM Chairman, President and CEO, Ginni Rometty, and some of the world’s top CEOs and leaders who are leveraging innovative technologies to architect transformation and change work, change business, and change the world.

6199: How Blockchain Will Transform Recruiting and HR Processes

Speaker: Elizabeth Varghese, IBM

Blockchain technology is transforming how companies access talent. Understand how this can be applied to your organization to deliver better recruiting outcomes and enhance HR processes.

Wednesday, February 13

7099: UnitedHealth Group's Talent Journey to Create the Workforce of the Future

Speakers: Stephanie Fehr & Rich Hughes, UnitedHealth Group

UnitedHealth Group's mission is to help people live healthier lives and to help make the health system work better for everyone. In order to do this, UHG must attract, select, engage and retain the very best talent globally—and a lot of it, fast! This session will be a conversation between the CHRO of UnitedHealthCare and UHG's SVP of HR technology, analytics and research (and attendees!) about their strategic journey and partnership to meet this challenge and achieve UHG's mission. The discussion will cover topics such as recruitment, career mobility, and employee experience, along with the role of AI, intelligent automation, advanced analytics, and more.

2780: Hear How Citizens Bank Transformed Its Talent Strategy

Speakers: Yvette Vargas, Citizens Bank; Aarti Borkar, IBM

Last year, Citizens Bank embarked on an ambitious journey to develop its people, drive talent mobility, and standardize on a common set of skills and competencies that powers its talent strategy.  Come hear the results of the transformation from one of the world's most successful financial services companies.

7312: Weight Watchers' (WW) HR Digital Transformation Journey

Speakers: Elizabeth Varghese, IBM & Kimberly Samon, WW

For the goal of updating and scaling its HR systems and processes, WW (formerly known as Weight Watchers) partnered with IBM to select a best-fit global HRIS technology solution to fulfill the company's future state vision. Together, we created modern, tech-enabled experiences for employees that eliminated manual tasks for the HR, IT and Finance teams, allowing them to focus on value-add activities; and optimized security of physical and digital assets by improving the provisioning and de-provisioning processes. Hear from WW's CHRO on how the company has achieved a next-generation HR system that is global, inclusive and personalized for their employees.

2722: H&R Block, Watson Recruitment and Talent Acquisition

Speaker: Katie Waldo, H&R Block

H&R Block continues to evolve and stay ahead in its industry. It does this by finding innovative ways to change. Hear how the company has transformed its recruiting and onboarding process by using the benefits of AI, especially by improving the efficiency and speed of its candidate evaluations. The result is finding the right candidate for the right job—faster.

7191: The Reinvention of HR: "Design for Me"

Speakers: Wende Smith, AECOM & Gary Hill, IBM

What does it take to really stand out in a crowded marketplace? According to leading CHROs, the key is reinvention—with people at the heart of your organization’s new strategy. Recent research shows that many executives are taking bold steps to build better businesses from the inside out, providing an employee experience that's more personalized and more engaging. In this session, you’ll hear how leading organizations like AECOM have prioritized their talent and the employee experience using tools like Workday, and the positive effect that has had on their customers and their businesses.

2729: Winning the War for Hourly Talent

Speakers: Ben Beath, Whelan Security & Geri Barrison, IBM

Hear how Whelan Security uses the IBM Kenexa Talent Acquisition Suite to keep up with the growing demands of its unique organization.

5137: Building the Workforce of Tomorrow, Today

Speaker: Aarti Borkar, IBM

Diversity, efficiency, quality of hire, up-skilling the workforce, employee development—these aren’t just challenges we face, they are outcomes we can achieve. But in order to do so, we need to think differently than we have in the past. We need a different approach. We need additional technology. Come learn about IBM’s point of view on how to address those challenges and more, as well as what IBM is doing to help our clients achieve the top outcomes they seek.

2884: Prepare Your HR System for the Cloud in Ten Practical Steps

Speaker: Claudio Valera, IBM

Organizations of all kinds must be able to accommodate rapid business change if they want to be successful today and in the future. With a cloud-based HR solution, you can meet that change head-on and make informed decisions quickly. A critical first step is to ensure your company is set up for a successful move to the cloud, so you can get the most out of any new solution. In this session, you will learn the ten steps for success including: determining organizational readiness, how to properly determine scope and business needs, communication must-dos and preparing for potential complications.

Thursday, February 14

7324: The Impact of AI in Talent Management

Speakers: Chirag Nangia, Reppify, Gopal Gupta, IBM, Mercedes Ellison, Everwise & Dane Hurtubise, Greenhouse Software

Please join IBM for this talent management panel discussion with industry leaders who are leveraging Watson AI to increase engagement, retention, and experience. They will discuss how they are harnessing the power of AI to unlock insights, improve decision-making and drive efficiencies to help their clients empower their HR initiatives.

7323: Successfully Balancing the Tradeoff between Fairness and Accuracy in AI Algorithms

Speaker: Stephen R. Mitchell, IBM

Most AI algorithms attempt to mimic human cognition for a single objective—but most of the problems we are faced with require a consideration of multiple criteria. For AI to effectively inform human decisions, it must consider multiple objectives. One area in which AI can recommend a course of action based on multiple criteria is in the process of HR talent acquisition. Talent acquisition requires an identification of the most qualified applicants by evaluating work history, education, training and skills, all while controlling for any unfair biases in the selection process. Come see how IBM Watson Recruitment can identify the best job candidates while reducing the chance of unfair biases to meet the hiring needs of your organization!

2879: Using AI to Reduce Bias and Create a Diverse and Inclusive Organization

Speaker: Aarti Borkar, IBM

This session addresses the concerns that almost all hiring and management teams have about risk and bias in using AI. We will review IBM Watson Recruitment’s Adverse Impact Analysis capability, which identifies instances of bias related to age, gender, race, education, or previous employer by assessing an organization’s historical hiring data and highlighting potential unconscious biases. This capability empowers HR professionals to take action against potentially biased hiring trends—and, in the future, choose the most promising candidates based on the merit of their skills and experience alone.

2702: IBM Watson Talent: Responsible AI that HR Organizations Can Trust for AI Adoption Today

Speakers: John Medicke & Stefan Liesche, IBM

Understanding the world of work, talent and people is a complex task for humans, and even more so for machines. But now AI can support humans in their daunting task, with responsible solutions that are ethically governed, validated for bias impacts, secured and established on a trusted model for data. IBM is bringing together industry experts, consultants, technologists, I/O psychologists, data scientists and researchers to build a team that is taking on the task to develop responsible AI for the field of Talent. Join us to share insights about the technology that activates Watson within IBM Watson Talent, Talent Industry Solutions and IBM's internal HR solution set. Learn about the latest insights and innovations right from IBM.

6928: Re-inventing the approach to talent in the era of AI

Speakers: Diane Gherson & Bob Schultz, IBM

Business is essentially about people—and today, talent is on top of every CEO's agenda. Yet organizations are struggling to meet talent demands in the midst of increased speed of business, rapid innovation, and adapting to new generations of talent. To deliver real, lasting business results, organizations must be skills-based, talent-centric, and AI-powered. In an era of exploding data and unprecedented technology, it is possible to rethink the way we identify candidates, keep people engaged, and empower employees. AI systems can become extensions of our knowledge. In this session, hear from industry luminaries and IBM experts on how they have already started reinventing their approach to talent to drive real business value in their organizations.

2695: Transforming the EY Talent Experience

Speakers: Ray Joyce, EY & Jane Wu, IBM

This session will continue the EY story shared at Think 2018 in relation to EY's journey for AI with HR (Talent). The discussion will cover: How we are evolving conversational HR from "chat" to "conversation"; orchestrating our backend technology to simplify the user experience; introduction of an externally facing chatbot with job matching for candidates (Candidate Assistant); insight and learnings from our AI proof-of-concept leveraging skills inference; and how EY is leveraging cognitive computing for data mining.

3127: Two I-O PhDs Examine Workplace Assessments and Advise on the Best Treatment

Speakers: Nigel Guenole & Robert Gibby, IBM

What's hot and what's not in the world of workplace assessments? Get the answers from two PhDs who have been working in the Industrial and Organizational Psychology field for decades. Find out about the latest developments and discover the four critical guidelines you can use to evaluate assessments when there's no doctor in your house.

2885: The Future of HR: Putting Smart to Work and Using AI for Good

Speaker: Richard McColl, IBM

In this new era of disruption, you have to transform how you recruit, retain  and engage your most valuable resources – your employees.  AI can help you amplify the humanity of digital systems and augment human intelligence. It allows you to remove gender bias from your hiring and performance reviews, and can help find the best people for opportunities or take important, relevant info into account when it comes to compensation increases. It can also help you drive  inclusion where an employee’s  inability to hear won’t limit their ability to move forward. There is great potential for cognitive technologies to have a positive effect on HR and recruiting processes, to make them more inclusive and your business more diverse.

3130: The Hunt for Cyber Talent, and Why We Might be Looking in Entirely the Wrong Place

Speakers: Jane Wu, Jeff Labrador, Nigel Guenole, IBM

 The latest assessment research into the critical role of cybersecurity professionals reveals that it's not just about technical skills. From the people who researched them, discover the eight critical behavioral skills that your cyber talent needs to protect your organization from attacks that could cost millions.

7548: The Cognitive Enterprise: The New Learning Organization

Speaker: Amy Wright, IBM

Transformation never ends. It's a continuous journey that extends to every corner of your enterprise—and it requires building talent. The new learning organization transforms together with its people, through new agile ways of working to disrupt at scale and with speed. This session will explore how companies have learned to adapt, learn and thrive in an era of continuous change and disruption, and how people and talent management are at the center of their success.

Friday, February 15

5971: Hopped Up on AI: A Watson-Powered Candidate Experience for Anheuser-Busch InBev

Speaker: Christopher Johnson, Uncubed, IBM Business Partner

ZX Ventures is a global incubator, operator and venture capital team backed by Anheuser-Busch InBev. ZX was seeking an innovative, interactive candidate experience to build its employer brand and to drive higher-quality, better-fitting candidates. Uncubed is an embedded solution provider for Watson Candidate Assistant (WCA) and has collaborated on the development of the product since the outset. Uncubed provides content creation and curation services, in addition to offering a customized analytics package for WCA. Come hear about the Uncubed Watson Candidate Assistant embedded solution, including the process, ROI, successes and failures.

3542: Infusing Agile and AI into Talent Acquisition to Win Top Talent

Speakers: Beth Sherry & Dave Putterman, IBM

This session will cover the fundamentals of why talent acquisition functions need to consider employing agile concepts and AI technology into their recruitment model.

 We will cover the fundamental goals as well as key areas where AI can be applied, including sourcing, candidate matching and interviewing. The session will also cover real-life learnings and outcomes from IBM's Agile Talent Acquisition transformations, as well as share unique implementations of AI that enable recruiters to focus and drive outcomes with candidates, hiring managers and other stakeholders. We will discuss best practices with prioritization and iteration-based execution on the highest business value items.

3125: 5 Critical Insights from the Latest HR Research Projects Delivered in 25 Minutes

Speaker: Sheri Feinzig, IBM

Forget fad and fantasy—discover the facts in this fast-paced session that offers insight into the latest workforce research. Covering everything from candidate experience to talent mobility, this session will give you the evidence you need to get your HR programs on the right track.

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